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Thread: Multiplayer videos

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    Multiplayer videos

    Hi guys.
    Gametrailers has relased some multiplayer videos, here they are:

    It seems you can take very few bullets and you can die very fast; my opinion: I love it.
    First it encourages the use of covers.
    Second: it makes teamwork necessary.
    Really I have played many third person shooters but often I was disappointed because it would take too many bullets to to kill anyone leading usually to frustrating exploits like "bunny-hopping".

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    I am really disappointed with the MP, but any developer need constructive feed back, so here is what I think:

    The Good:
    - Few bullets to drop dead.
    - Team work and communication.
    - Sand Storms.
    - Level Design.
    - Repelling and verticality.
    - Deep Customization.
    - Large Maps

    The Bad:

    - Character models look ugly and plain as hell.
    - One way zip lines.
    - Maps look plain as hell too, there is no variety or appeal.
    - Melee Hits are cluncky.
    - Character Model Faces, all look like Mercenaries, what happened to the beta's Military look, and those crazy helmets are ridiculous.
    - Too much HUD.
    - No roll !!!!
    - Cover System seem to be alot better in SP.
    - Targeting/Reticule seems a little bit off. (or Gamespot player was bad)

    I think that's all ?!, but I am not really impressed that much with what I saw, I hope when I get my hands on it, it will be different, The SP campaign seems like the true win, as long as it is long and not 6:8hrs.

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    Game looks amazing and im super pumped for the multiplayer,

    I agree mostly with Sam Fisher as there is some things im seeing that i think needs attention, so i will give my honest feedback.

    Gunplay looks great and the guns actually have kick to them im loving the amount of bullets it takes to kill your opponent
    the Character customization is amazing with its content but it has zero Faces to chose from & to much masks which looses the character attachment from SP (similar to Ao2), create options for selectable SP characters (or unlockable) even some generic faces without head mask or helmuts would be great as some variations are over the top.

    Im digging the class & upgrade system thats a huge plus, cover system did seem different to SP but need to see more footage for comparisons.

    Release a maximum amount of Multiplayer maps right out of the box and dont withhold it for DLC as it splits a community, im fine with paying for Single Player & Co-op Campaign content but splitting the community up for more maps isnt a good idea when unfortunetly the outlook for SOTL may have a small MP versus player base (Damn you COD)

    - the announcer has no excitement in his voice and no urgency, needs more variation and different voices for each factions.
    - a dodge roll mechanic would help this game so much to keep it more fluid and fast paced, dodging grenades/CQB is going to be really tough/awkward
    - some action music throughout versus will be awesome as it can feel empty sometimes with options to toggle on/off

    so thats my feedback, im waiting in anticipation for the final release and hopefully some of these things can get addressed
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    - Character Model Faces, all look like Mercenaries, what happened to the beta's Military look, and those crazy helmets are ridiculous.
    Agree 100000000000000000%. They just look retarded.

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    oh BTW check Gamespot let's play, a full 30min of MP gameplay.

    It may help give a better look at MP.

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    That was a better preview & it does Look ok, at least the shotguns don't appear to be over powered and does seem to have some interesting ideas.

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    makes me sad that there is no excitement or discussion here

    Spec Ops The Line has so much potential, really hope the developers just throw everything in the retail disc and not withhold any content back, when its likely the community may be small.

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    I'm getting Spec Ops for the amazing-sounding single player. Multiplayer is just a plus for me.

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    To be honest you guys SP is amazing but MP could be fun as well Pros: Gunplay,cover,modes,custom classes,huge unlocks & perks
    buffs,nice maps Cons:buffs seem to do noting hopeful they fix it with a icon around your player or buffs in the top left screen change colors like red,floaty aim with sniper,some guns cloud use tuning,more badass voices in MP they sound like stupid marines,more maps. But overall I give a solid 8.0 if the issues are fix then maybe a 9.0 good luck 2K and Yager I am keeping my hopes up for this game the final version better be great because I pre-order it Bye

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