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Thread: Question with Civ5 Multiplayer

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    Question with Civ5 Multiplayer

    So I own a PC and my friend owns a MAC. I told this guy to buy Civ5 on steam that way I know we can both play against each other. My friend decides to not do that and instead download it via Mac Store (I think thats what its called?) and asks me if we can still play. Did a little online digging and was unable to find a way because I guess I can only invite people who are on my steam friends list. Before I throw in the towel, I just wanted to ask the community if they knew whether or not it is possible for the two of us to play together. Thanks!

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    yep, if you're in the same region your friend should be able to see your game under multiplayer->internet at the same time your hosting, check port forwarding and/or firewall set to allow civ5 connections if you hav issues

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    make sure your download region are the same

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