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Thread: Devs, here's how Civworld can become more profitable

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    Devs, here's how Civworld can become more profitable

    Well, I am sure you folks are chock full of suggestions on how to improve Civ world. It's not like the merge bugs have disappeared or anything. Well, that's not what this thread is about.

    Since we know the developers have all but abandoned the game and are merely farming civbucks from it, here are some of my suggestions on how they can make the game even more profitable, without much added cost!

    1. Buy Great People for Civbucks. For the low, low price of, say, 15-25 civbucks, a great person of your choice can be yours!
    2. Use Civbucks to Trigger Call to Arms / Secret Weapon. Battle get you down? 50-75 civbucks will let you have a free devastating event wonder, and the best part is, it does not count towards your Civbucks spending limit!
    3. Buy Promotions. Ever had the sinking feeling that your king and defense minister won't be online during an important battle? Never fear! For 2 civbucks, you can promote yourself to Duke level. 5 civbucks get you prince level. King level costs 10 civbucks. And if you need a specific ministry? It's just 15 civbucks!
    4. One... More... Turn.... Dominant players want to stay and dominate. Why not let them continue the game past Galactic, for the low, low price of 50 Civbucks?
    5. More Game Slots for a Fee. Three slots too few? Never fear! The fourth slot costs 75 civbucks to unlock. The fifth? Just 150 civbucks. It doubles after that, but hey, the really dedicated player can afford it.
    6. Skins without Skins. Never mind designing an entirely new set of skins - graphic artists cost money! Just give us the option to purchase plain-vanilla skins that add bonuses to food, culture, gold, harvest accumulation, and trickle production!
    7. Full Screen. Want Civworld to fill your screen? Yours for 5-10 civbucks! Per game!
    8. Civbucks built the Internet. For the low, low price of 15 civbucks per game day, you gain the ability to view every team's private chat! Not recommended when playing against guilds, since they don't communicate on Civworld chat!
    9. We Spend Civbucks to Prove We Don't Spend Civbucks. Make a bunch of games with a zero civbucks limit. The price of admission? 50 civbucks each.

    What do you think, guys? Have any more money-making recommendations for the developers? Remember, this is not the place to moan about the unbalancing power of Civbucks. Only profitable suggestions that don't cost much to implement, please.

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    4-8 are brilliant suggestions

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    Fix the invite system, so we will be more encouraged to buy servers if we know for a fact that the players we want to be in it can come in to play

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    I love 9: how about a skin for, say, 200 civbucks that makes it look to visitors to your civ that you don't spend civbucks

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    civbucks to get 500% battle bonus
    civbucks to steal locked wonder
    civbucks to break through closed borders
    civbucks to make your citizens invisible to visitors
    civbucks to immediately pass a vote, usable after researching election rigging tech
    civbucks to turn back time in battle, you should have had that stack on fortify, now you can

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    Oh S, you are a troll of the highest order. I salute you!

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    I have it on good authority that zergrinch is a Munchkin not a Troll...

    Proof being that even his Troll post has 4 or 5 good suggestions (if a bit overscaled) buried in it.

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    I laughed so hard when I read Suggestion 9! Brilliant!

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    1/ Land Modifications.
    Well, you can control the weather during a war front, I'm pretty sure you can modify what groups on your land. 75 CB's and a fresh patch of trees will grow on one patch, or maybe a body of water, you decide. =)

    2/ Market Control
    Who knows why the market ever fluctuates sometimes? Maybe by tipping a good, oh, say...20 CB's, you can raise or lower the prices of a resource and/or commodity.
    [Black] Market love. <3

    3/ Liquidation
    A non-CB update for those who won't be winning those CB contests. An implementation to return your soldiers back to the hammers they came from, or better, a set exchange rate implemented on the side to convert one type of resource to another! The exchange rates will be steep, but it'll be for those desperate for the odd 25 beakers or hammers to get their job done!

    4/ Moderators
    Given that the money -does- accumulate from all the CivBuck revenue, there will now be a moderator in each server to encourage friendly play. Players are valued greatly in the server, after all.

    Players rejoice!

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    I like the idea of modifying land. However 75 civbucks seems too steep for what amounts to a marginal improvement in harvest value for one single civilian. Five maybe?

    Also, I love the idea of moderators. Having a mod around to fix things with merge bugs, kick abusive and inactive players, and maintain order would have been great. A pity it would be too much work to implement!

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    Could we pay the moderator in civBucks?

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