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Thread: New bioshock tshirt.. any other ideas?

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    New bioshock tshirt.. any other ideas?

    I got into making car vinyl and such. I then bought a heatpress so now I can make tshirts. This is my first bioshock one that I made. The others I made were star wars, my 2 websites and this... let me know what you think. Also any other ideas of BioShock-esque shirts I could do. I was thinking something for Steinman.. or Sander..

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    Cohen or Steinman on a shirt would be great. I'm always a sucker for little sisters, too. Love the Rapture records shirt! I need a heat-press, lol.

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    I love the shirt you have posted, I am a big Cohen/Fort Frolic fan myself but really anything with Bioshock is good in my book.

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    This one is awesome. What do you say? Apprentice Tattoo Kits
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