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Thread: Rapture fans, a question about Columbia

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    Rapture fans, a question about Columbia

    Allrighty, can’t wait for the IG/2K forum merger any longer, I’m dying to hear what you guys think.

    This is a question for Rapture’s diehard fans: Are you on board for Infinite? Yes, no, maybe? Explain a little if you don’t mind.

    Were you interested from the time of announcement? Did your opinion change in the past 2 years? How/why?

    10char, or wall’o’text, just curious to know where y’all stand. Thanks!

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    Yes. However I'm still reserving some judgement for when I play it. Yes, I know that Levine has said that "Bioshock" does not = Rapture, I still can't quite let go of the fact that is essentially a brand new IP with Bioshock slapped on there because Levine/IG has a different concept of what Bioshock means to the schema I built up. I'm a lot less "angry" about it than I was, but I am still going to be going in to it with a bit of trepidation. I can't wait to see where the story goes, as I get the feeling that what we know about the game is just barely scratching the surface. At the end of the day, when I have it in my xbox so I cn play it, then I will down to make a proper decision.

    In short: it's a day one purchase because of the pedigree of the studio. I'm reserving judgement until later though.

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    BioShock was a bit of a surprise for me because I normally don't play FPS. But the atmosphere and easy difficulty sucked me in. Only later did I realize I was a fan of Irrational itself because I had previously devoured both of the Freedom Force games.

    As for the change, well, I was moderating here when BS2 was in the works, and I heard a nonstop parade of folks who complained because going back to Rapture was a mistake as the story was finished and it would no longer have that sense of surprise or discovery. Also, some fans felt that no good game could be created without Ken Levine's involvement.

    So now we have a game headed by Ken and taken to a new location....and people want to go back to Rapture. Heh. What can ya do?

    Color me intrigued and excited, but Columbia so far doesn't have that instant, mysterious appeal that Rapture oozed. I still think it will be a great game, but it will be a different game. The only thing I've seen so far that was off-putting was the 15 minute demo. The level of gunplay and action in that clip was a turnoff for me, although I recognize I'm in the minority on that one.

    As for the name, I know quite a few people got hung up on that ("this isn't a BioShock game!"), but it didn't bother me in the slightest. I suppose I'd be upset if BioShock had felt like an unfinished cliffhanger, but it was a great, self-contained story. I don't feel we need to go back to Rapture, so why not lend the name to a new adventure. It's worked for Final Fantasy.

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    Well, there's good and bad.

    First of All, Infinite is gorgeous. The graphics look Wonderful, and a tad bit more cartoony, but perhaps that's just due to having a brighter color pallet. Second,The Sky Lines are an awesome idea, and they give a more Cinematic, Heart Racing way of transportation than having you push a button, get a Loading Screen, and BAM! You're in the next level. I also like the Real Time Environments, and how a building can just give and drop at any moment, or you can jump onto a Warblimp and blow it up, then jump out all in Real Time. The Game certainly has a touch of being Cinematic that in my opinion Rapture-Era Bioshock lacked. I also love the Wider Array of Weapons, but I don't really like the two gun limit. Bioshock 1 & 2 were very challenging, even if you had all the Guns, and as for Enemies, the Common ones lack Soul. They're just Dudes with Guns. They aren't Aliens, Zombies, or Mutants. The best Enemies are the ones you can't envision doing Human things like Cooking, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Sleeping in a Bed, Going to the Bathroom, etc etc. Sure, I can't see a Motorized Patriot Sleeping in a Bed, or a Handyman Grocery Shopping, but I sure can see the Common Thugs do it. Also, I don't like the Quick Time Even Moral Choice System. It's dumb. Just have us push A for one choice and B for another. Not OMG PUSH B NOW OUR YOU'LL SHOOT THE POOR HORSEY! Not everyone has excellent reflexes, and you have a good 5 Seconds to react. If you're taking a swig of Soda, Going to the Bathroom, or Taking a bite of food, you could easily end up accidently picking the choice you didn't want. Also, The game feels like it's Holding you on a leash, having Elizabeth there, and having to be her Bodyguard. In Bioshock you could explore. You never had a time limit, or an Objective that kept you on such a tight leash you couldn't go where you wanted.

    In short, I'll buy Infinite, and I will love it. TO DEATH. It will be Amazing, and I have no doubt about that. But, there are some things I don't like....but it's Bioshock, and Bioshock is always at LEAST Decent.

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    I wasn't really interested in Infinite when it was announced, and I still barely am. I'll play it, sure, but it's not a day one purchase for me by any means. I'll probably wind up buying it eventually because Levine and Irrational make great games, but it's definitely not too appealing to me.

    The reason that I loved Bioshock and Bioshock 2 was Rapture and the time period. I've always been a huge fan of the 50's culture and the Art Deco architecture so Bioshock was a huge draw because the atmosphere is so rich. That being said, from what I've seen Columbia doesn't have that haunting beauty and deep mystery that Rapture has.

    So yes, I will play it... eventually.

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    Variety is the spice of life! I loved BioShock 1 and 2 because of Rapture and the great story behind it, but somewhere I know I will love BioShock Infinite just as much. Let's be honest, if Infinite would've taken place in Rapture, it would somehow just not get to the level of awesomeness of BioShock 1 (or 2). The change of environment allows this game to be the best in another way.

    So yeah I'm buying Infinite. I was quite excited when they announced it - but isn't every major fanboy? Can't wait 'til october!

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    I am pretty sure that I will love Bioshock Infinite, there is just something the environment that I love from what I have seen so far.

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    I'm definitely on board for Infinite. I love Rapture, it's amazing, but Columbia looks just as amazing. I really like what I've seen of it as of now. I can't wait to explore it in full.

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