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Thread: Where is this Power To The People Weapon Upgrade?

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    Where is this Power To The People Weapon Upgrade?

    So I'm on the level where you have to find 4 plant samples.
    THIS GUIDE says:
    After the lights in the second area are on, it will be in the bottom of the holding cells area in a security office. The door has to be opened by hacking a panel through the broken window, on the left side.
    I've beat everyone and now there's a key in the control panel, but before I complete the level, I want to find the aforementioned Power to the People station. I have searched the holding cells slowly and thoroughly and can't find a security office or broken window. ☺☺☺?!

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    Spoiler: On the far south side of the Live Test Facility (see the game map) there is a corridor, you can see the Power to the People Station through one of the windows in this corridor.

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