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Thread: Cannot find T:V anywhere online

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    Cannot find T:V anywhere online

    I bought T:V serveral years ago online from Direct2Drive and they no longer have it available for download. They refuse to reply with anything other than an automated message telling me how to correctly download a game which I absolutely know how to do. The CD-Key is still available to me so I would like to know where to get a free copy which I could then use my CD-Key on or an online store where I could digitally purchase it again because I have no CD/DVD-ROM(HP Stream 7).

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    After reading the third post on this forum about T:V out of boredom, I think I will try the Activision forums instead. I cannot believe neither Steam nor D2D do not offer this game and have no idea why D2D used to but now does not. D2D only lets me view my CD-Key now... (lol?) I know the Tribes games always seemed to have a thing where they would make their previous game free once a new one came out and considering T:V cannot be found on any digital distribution sites (due to lack of sales for some older titles I am pretty sure is run of the mill to save on storage) I was hoping it was abandonware and I'd be able to find it online.

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