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Thread: Abundant resources

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    Abundant resources

    Ok, I am not a new player but I am obviously having a bit of a brain malfunction right now.

    I usually play Emperor, Fractal, Large, Marathon with 14 AIs. I only tick promotion/policy saving and raging barbarians. I have not ever played with "abundant resources". Is there even an option like that? Because suddenly my maps are packed with resources. I am beginning to think I have changed a setting.

    (1) Is there an "abundant resources" settings somewhere? If so, where because I can't find it?

    (2) When I click on Map Type Fractal is no longer listed.

    I am thinking there is something wrong. For a short while I got a message saying I could not connect to Steam and any saves I want to make in the Cloud would be lost or something. Anyway, my recent games are all in the Hall of Fame and I no longer get that message.

    Anyone ideas of what I am getting wrong?

    EDIT: version

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    This this thread accurate?

    I don't see any of the following;

    World Age
    Sea level

    I am extremely confused.

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    Not every setting is available for every map type. Fractal is already very random, so you cannot set things like Temperature and Rainfall because it conflicts with the random "fractalization" of the map.

    Abundant Resources is an option in many map types. It is a map condition and not a game condition, so you won't find it in with settings like Raging Barbarians. Try setting your map type to something other than Fractal and you should see more of these choices.

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    Make sure to click advanced options which is a tab near the bottom of the screen.

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    As far as I know, most of these options including resource availability don't keep going from game to game unless you manually select it each time. I think it's just the luck of the draw for him.

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    Definitely know about the advanced options. It is where you click for raging barbarians.

    I see what you mean with choosing a different map type. Thanks for that.

    I only have Continents, Pangaea, Archipelago, Earth as map options though. And it still doesn't explain how I suddenly got several maps with a ridiculous amounts of resources.

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    That is strange if you are starting new games on normal maps and still getting crazy amounts of resources (do you have a screen shot?). Advanced settings shouldn't carry over to new starts without you going back into Advanced settings and manually selecting them.

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