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    It says I have enough faith to "Can Create Pantheon Now!" however... I can't figure out for the life of me where to do this... Can somebody help? I have 70 faith, 2 other beliefs have been created and I can create another belief, if I could..?

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    I have wondered this too, it says "you need 15 faith to create pantheon" and I will have 17, or 19.. or some number above it.
    but I think it also says "you have a CHANCE at getting a pantheon" or that might just be for prophets

    hopefully you get your questioned answered.. because I want to know also haha

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    Its a chance thing. Once you have enough faith to found one a globe will pop up for you to found one. Its just like getting a new social policy, it happens automatically. The amount of faith needed increases with each new pantheon being founded by other civs so get your shrine up early.

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    To found a pantheon you would get a yellow button on the right, clicking it gives you a list of Pantheon beliefs on the left to select from.

    If you're talking about founding a religion, 70 faith sounds like you're not far enough in the game yet.

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    You can found a pantheon on the turn you start with enough faith to do it - getting the faith mid-turn won't trigger it.

    Getting a Great Prophet (pre-Industrial) is a chance thing. The more over the threshold you are at the start of your turn, the more like a Prophet is to be generated. If it is, it drains all your faith.

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