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Thread: borderlands 3 ideas . . .

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    borderlands 3 ideas . . .

    so im a creative guy with free time and a love for borderlands and since i put all three together . . . the punchline is i have ideas for borderlands 3 and im hoping the game developers either here or gearbox decide to have a look and even use a few of them in the upcoming borderlands 3. i dont care about money or anything but as an amature games designer i would just be honered for them to listen and even more if my ideas were used . the only thing i would ask is if any of my ideas were used if the devs could make a npc questgiver called odin lemont who is english and wears a black mask. . . anyway my ideas i have most of them on google drive but ill post some of the main ones here

    *roland and angel are both digistructed on a separate planet by angels ai program where a new u station was accidentally launched 70 years prior angel had discovered it kept it secret and put it in a lock down so only she could use it but was trapped before she had the chance. The station is only capable of one way journeys but she sent a group of loaders to clear out and build a safe area* <this would cure the horrable bl2 mission and give ample reason why roland didnt respawn nack as he would have repawned where angle had

    +alien weapon manafacuter (unamed) whos weapons arch when fireing and fire needles rather then bullets however once hit the first needle becomes a tracer allowing other needles become homing (to a small degree. if your opponant goes out of the reticule then needles fire normally)
    Alien shotguns do not exsist but become needle barrage guns. Guns which fire a homing needle quills equil to the number of usual shotgun shells. Still consumes shotgun ammunition however when shot they fly forward in a large cross starting small and then growing larger further away.

    + weapon leveling on personal weapons. Wepon leveling works on how many kills plus how much exp the enemy gives and increases various gun stats (gun level cannot exceed player level) <im sick of getting a decent gun on any mode and then having to give it up for crap weapons because its too weak>

    +personal weapons. Yoy can get a personal weapon by deafeating a boss called the highwayman (who can only be found after getting each characters 10 recorded messeges) lv50 or higher (whichever valt hunter mode is lv50+) or by upgrading a legendary weapon by giving the weapon plus 500 eridium to marcus (once again at lv50+ valt hunter mode) or bought as a dlc addon

    +vault hunters:
    tina (tiny tina. Has zoomboom skill whic is a homing bomb which will epload causing exploasive dmage ,)
    Rina (alien siren has the ability to slow down time in a small area around her making enimes reaction times slower , )
    Vaarl (alien cyromancer has the ability to melee attack and shoot at the same time by using all four trigger buttons )
    Tyson (human. Gaiges dad. has the power to digistruct a new u station which heals players and inflicts digistruct energy on enemies)

    + new element attack: digistruct (causes enemies to attack the nearest attacable entitiy but does no damage itself <my personal favourite idea>

    +new weapon type: element throwers (shoots out like a flamethrower dowsing enimies in whatever elemental type.) <was made before tps and lazers>
    Raw damage per letre: (the amount of non elemental damage done per letre)
    Range(Accuracy): (is the furthest the stream can reach)
    Firerate: (is the amount of liquid sprayed per second)
    Reload time:
    Magazine: (amount of letres the gun can hold) [ammo is 10L per tank]
    Elemental throwers have low base gun damage but become more powerful due to the elemental damage inflicted. Increased element chance and damage when using one

    + new rocket launcher type: mortor (rockets which arch when shot and will home into the nearest granade thrown [requires good tactics to use] theise are alien manufacturers only)

    + new weapon: traps (activated when you hold down the granade button) different types cause different effects similer to granade but are proximity activated
    needle mod: when an enimy walks through the trap beam it shoots a line of needle bullets
    vortex mod: acts like a singularity granade for traps then exploads
    wall trap mod : when activated after 5 seconds it gives a temporary sheild for 1 minute
    Burst trap mod: exploades inflicting different element types
    two way trip mod : place two in different locations to teleport yourself and victims between them
    +new loader type gl1tch loaders. loaders who have digistructer incorectly and deal digistruct energy
    +a home/base which can be customized with wallpaper skins
    +new monster? a crab like monster which has a protective shell on top but is unprotected underneath

    =Plotline: 1 year after borderlands 2 tannis is inspecting the warriors arch when tina, brick, tyson (gaiges farther) and lilith (brick has new puppy gaige and tina become adoptive sisters.)appears it was agreed to distroy the arch after tannis had finished with it. Scooter and lillith had moved sanctuary closer to the gate for ease. Brick throws an eridium chunk around for his puppy when he throws it too hard and it hits the arch. The arch suddenly activates as it is a gate to other arches guarded by the same warrior. As it activates it sucks sanctuary in and spits out two other alien vault hunters from two seperate planets rina and vaarl. the four team up to find their way back to their individual worlds and friends

    please tell me what you guys think devs or not and ill post my ideas for the four vaut hunters seperatly

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    Try this one for size:

    I have thought long and hard about some key features that are musts in BL3. I'm a fan of the series and have put alot of thought into this idea I have also read most of the blogs and incorporated ideas from the community that I have seen too.

    Multiple Planets is a must based on the end of Borderlands 2, I feel that the war that is coming should be a universal war between supreme beings. I feel that these beings could simply be the Watcher from the pre-sequel and the Uniter. The Watcher's goal is to protect the vaults and the guardians within since this will keep the status quo and will keep the universe in peace, the Uniter want's to kill all the vault guardians and steal something from each of their corpses so as to combine them for an ultimate force. I feel that this allows the events of the previous games to give the enemy a significant advantage making chasing after the Uniter an uphill battle leading to a final battle against his ultimate power.

    Now lets add some historical interest early on the Watcher should explain that 6 sirens can be present in the universe at any given time, 3 are his siren daughters and 3 are the Uniter's Siren daughters, this means Maya and Lilith are his siren daughters, at some point in the story I think we should go to the abbot where Maya was in her Echo's in BL2, this will allow the leaders of the abbot to greet the Watcher and it to come out that she was placed there to be a gaurdian on that planet to protect the vault on that planet from the Uniter. Obviously you will need to show Lilith being rescued by the Watcher at some point on Dionysus without her knowing, this could be her as a child anything she's shot as war breaks out or she's in an accident. The Watcher sees potential and saves her live using his lifeforce giving her a portion of his ability to phasewalk hence she can phasewalk. Later it can come out that Angel was the Uniter's Daughter and was intrusted to Jack since his ambition is to open the vaults and take by force whatever is in there.

    The fact Sirens are created by the Watcher giving lifeforce and power to injured individuals allows you to use an established character in Emily from the Pre-Sequel as a new playable character in BL3. She was the girl saved in Nurse Nina's Medical Bay whose mother was retreating to Pandora. Her action skill could be the Phaseshield, this has her put up a bulletproof shield the downfall to keep players from spamming this is that bullets fill your vision you have it last 30 seconds but pressing the actionskill button will end it early and drop the bullets to the ground. In 1 of her trees you could give her the ability that instead of dropping the bullets she creates a cannonball type projectile that you can launch at the enemies.

    Another playable character that would be a huge fan service would be Tiny Tina, however if you make her 15 or 16 then you can limit her speech and make her a little older, this would allow you to keep the racism aspect of her character from being a huge factor like it was in BL2. You could make her a turret class following in her beloved Roland. 1 tree is all about improving the turret and about being improved health this tree could be called "Remembrance", the second tree could be all about explosive damage a little like the Boomtrap tree in the Pre Sequel.

    As for the other 2 starting characters I'm not sure but I feel that new characters are a must. I would love to see you do something of a surprise for fans, by making the Watcher a playable character who can only be played as once you've finished the story with all 4 characters. His ability could be a 70 second wave 20 second phaselock followed by 40 second phaseshield followed by phasewalk, this explains why his siren daughters have those abilities he gave them those abilities.

    As for the Uniter's Siren daughters there should be 3 that we encounter throughout the campaign, when we first encounter him he should be shriveled and stealthy when we meet his 3 daughters they are fully covered in siren tattoos signifying that they each have more of the Uniter's lifeforce then the Watcher's daughters. Throughout the story all 3 of his Siren Daughters will be killed and after each one dies we see the Uniter appears more full of life and has the ability of the dead siren daughter.

    I think a different opening depending on which character you play as would be cool, each character tells the story of them getting to Sanctuary, in the case of Emily you could have her awakening in a crash sight and fighting her way to Sanctuary, which can be seen in the horizon. With Tina you could have her out on Patrol and a parts of Emily's ship crash down killing her platoon and she fights her way back to Sanctuary. With the Watcher you could have him heading out to the crash sight and following Emily to Sanctuary, this would mean when you play as Emily the Watcher is an NPC type character and vice versa.

    Finally the Ship, this will be the new hub, once you get your character to Sanctuary you meet up with the previous Vault Hunters, Moxxi and Scooter send you on missions to gather the parts for the ship. Once the ship is built you have a central area which is Moxxi's Bar like. On the ship are your companions, with Emily this would be Maya and Lilith, with Tina this would be Modecai and Brick. With one of the other Characters it's Gaige and Axton and the other character its Zero and Salvador. These Companions will increase a specific stat i.e. Mordecai increases Accuracy, Brick increases Melee Damage. These boosts carry across all characters like badass coins, you can spend 1 point with these guys every time you level up and when you respec all points spent with the companions are cleared and can be respent.

    Another feature on this Ship is a Weapon Workbench where players can create custom weapons using scopes, clips and body. Sub Machine Gun Scopes will work with Pistols and vice Versa. Sniper Scopes will work with Assault Rifles and Lasers and Vice Versa. I feel that this is the next big step, the damage type and damage output is based on the chasis, the reload speed and magazine size is effected by the clip.

    Finally in the ship you have a stow-away closet which is the new black market and it runs on stardust a new currency.

    Hopefully you like these ideas, if not that is fine I just feel I've given you a basic platform to build on. If you have any questions feel free to respond to me.

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    Beforehands I have to state that I am a big Borderlands fan who plays it for years and still can't get enough of this game franchise (mainly Bl2). That being said, I know much about the game as I strived through it for very long and what I'd like to see in the next Borderlands title is of course something completely new and a revision of the flaws of part 2 and the Pre-Sequel. This post is mainly written in regard of the flaws of the games with some ideas for improvement and new stuff. To some extent I hope my ideas reach the staff working on the next title as I am eagerly waiting for new announcements.

    Playable characters: old (revised) and new (completely new or existing like Captain Scarlett or Torgue with tons of explosions), definitely more than 4 characters to choose from

    Summoning classes: an additional window for more strategic plays: for example when playing the Mechromancer (Gaige, I hope she becomes playable again in the next title), you should be able to choose what kind of playstyle the Deathtrap follows: more defensive, staying more at the backlines, shielding allies, shooting the electro spheres and lasers on enemies;
    more offensive, going in like the melee psycho and retreating only if needed (when gaige hast about 20% hp);
    playing neutral: choosing the order of spells and preferable spells (shooting the fire laser when it is available, a disorder for specific spells) and displaying the cooldowns in the Deathtrap-window and at the bottom next to the KILL SKILLs;
    what about one permanent companion? outside of fights regenerating hp and upon death a longer cooldown or something like that, it would make me kind of proud to have a killing machine next to me the whole time while I chill in the base, playing at the 'gaming centre`or wherever I go

    Dialogues: like TPS, perhaps a little more between the characters themselves

    Level-scaling stats: definitely not high (like TPS), epic or legendary items 5 levels below your character should still be viable compared to blue and epic items of your current level;
    add the bonus to the stats you gain through all means next to the stats of the items, for example: Damage : 213 (+26)
    Firerate: 3.1 (+ 0.7)
    The Players want to the see what their current stat in whatever category is and explore how they preferably modify the stats with mastery skills and items

    Skins: some should also change the outfit, not only the color!
    skin adaptions: gaining one from any source (loot, quest, challenge) will automatically be unlocked for the specific class you are using, unless its for a different class this skin adaption will be added to a separate (infinite?) inventory, which can be used for giving them to friends/smurfs or trading with other players; imo its a pain that you have to manually unlock that skin and loose some important loot slots until you do that or when you sell items and have some skins still unlocked that you care to not sell

    Third Person: option to choose betweend 1st and 3rd person

    Class mods: - less or no class mods for not-in-game classes and raising the drop chance of specific class mods, if one class is multiply played in a game
    - a greater variety of class mods, not jut about 8 types or 10 in total, especially for legendaries, give the players what they want! maximazing one tree with 5x/ 6x 5 mastery skill bonuses concentrated on a defense mastery skill tree, a complete elemental tree or anything more one-sided
    (- also a mechanism for online sessions that players cant loot the class mods of the other classes in the game?; everyone despises ninja-looters!)

    Elements: slag, cryo, fire etc. but adjusting slag
    => optically, not turning one enemy completely into a purple something
    => mechanically, increasing dmg to this target by 20 or 30%, not twice and thrice as before, ALSO enhancing the dmg modification by other means like artifacts, skills and also badass token, look further down! players should not dwell to much an slag, give them the opportunity of playing without slag to win

    Quests: be more rewarding with items, money and maybe add some badass points for some quests (at the end of a quest series maybe additionally 25 badass points); have Torgues' Grandma give 1 or 2 quests!

    Badass ranking: more like TPS (1/5/10/25/50) but balancing the challanges with game length, add new bonuses like
    - bulletspeed (twice as much),
    - cooldownreduction (also for override skills?)
    - (movementspeed? imo this should only be upgradeable with masteries and shifted to relics),
    - aim speed => because aim speed feels weak compared to other stats, increase the bonus for this stat to 4% so that it will match the other categories by strength,
    - weapon change speed, twice as much (2%...),
    - magazine size?,
    maybe combining the shield recharge rate and delay bonus
    ELEMENTAL BONUSES : remove the 2 stats
    - elemental damage and
    - the elevated chance for applying an elemental effect
    and replace it with 1 category: Lord of the Elements:
    Cryo: increases freeze duration by 2% + down scaling with each rank
    Fire and Corrosion: increases dmg by 1%...
    Shock: increases chance of applying shock effects by 2%...
    Explosion: increases range by 2%...
    Slag: increases damage modification by 2%...

    when multiple players use slag on the same enemy (the player with the highest slag modification will get through, its not stackable), it will be applied by all players, meaning if the player with the highest modification applies the effect with about 42% more dmg but does not renew the effect, it will vanish after some time and another applied slag effect with less percentage => 2nd highest, 3rd highest<== will instantly take place until the higher percentage effect is renewed

    some elements need to have (more) weaknesses, shock is strong against everything, normal enemies (flesh), armored ones like robots and especially shields, separate armored enemies and robots (not in all cases!) so that shock is weak against armored and deals a little less against flesh, in my eyes the element fire feels off because half the enemies in borderlands 2 are robots and more than half the enemies in The Pre-Sequel have shields, but against flesh its super owning, so atleast adjust or give elements like shock/ corrosion (more) weaknesses and balance the number of enemies having shields and being armored;

    Shooting range : 1 or 2 in the base of the characters with all different defensive types, additionaly no ammo cost while standing in the shooting range (practically trying out skill sets)

    Luneshine : something equivalent should be invented again but with way better/ unique stats! can be obtained through the grinder and loot chests, remove the costs for opening the special lunshine chests the first time and adding costs afterwards (to prevent from farming easily) and add a way of pushing up the loot like in Tiny Tinas Dragon campaign, pay a little black market currency and the chance of higher loot will raise

    Loot: more rewarding, large chests should house some nicer stuff, atleast blue rarity! and not 4 green grenade mods or 4 green shields, which happens a lot;
    more combination of item types, maybe 2 shields, 1 shotgun and 1 grenade mod, not all 4 or less items of the same type,
    invention of picking up an item that gets instantly marked (so that you wont be selling it afterwards), with the reload button or anything, this doesnt necessary have to be invented, but its a small features that wouldnt hurt just like the 1-button-press and everything is sold

    Shops: no more lags with more than 1 player (console)!, at a specific lvl (15 or 20) only blue rarity and higher will be purchaseable from the 20min offer, maybe add more blue and epic items in the lategame for normal purchase, not only white and green beside the temporary offer (at lvl 50 and higher);
    Medical shop (Zed or anything): the HP injection should heal for 100% and not only 25%, naturally only at the shop!
    Marcus (or anything similar): have a deal for refilling one ammo type for increased cost and add (not unique!) a 2nd offer that refills ALL ammunition types for even more money and have marcus say something that this deal is ☺☺☺☺ and might be throwing him of the market/ or he should remove that option, all in all just him complaining about how 'bad' the deal is for him rather than buying half an hour just ammunition in the lategame, it just takes too long and is boring; also add the amount of ammo you receive by looting in the lategame, doubling it perhaps

    Safe/locker : combine those two and let the purchase of it cost ONLY money and not black market currency; how about that: with each individual character you can purchase about 30 slots (5 or 6 slots at a time for $) and have a maximum of 100 or 150 slot at all, so that with about 3 characters maximazing the safe slots, you get the total amount ot slots, for example: start with 10 slots, and 3 characters each buying 30 slots for money, will result in 100 overall slots, or increase the maximum but also the slots available for purchase for each character, (start with 15 and each character can buy 45 until it reaches 150 slots), so that ultimately no one has to play more than 3 characters JUST for buying bank account slots and let the bank be reachable all the time (not like sanctuary disappearing for a period of time until you get to it)

    Relics: add 3 different artifact-slots:
    1 offensive (with weapon modifications/ arms manufacturer bonuses/ elemental bonuses/ + meleedmg/ and so on),
    1 defensive (hp regen, + max health, shield capacity + recharge rate and - delay, resistance: elemental, melee and bullets; fight for your life duration + second wind hp)

    1 utility (bonus movementspeed generally/when hit or shield depleted (or a mixture of those in a high rarity relic), cooldown rate for action + override skills, ammunition regen for specific ammo types and a legendary relic for all types, booster speed for vehicle relic, and so on)

    with higher rarity more stats wil be added; no white relics at all, starting from green: 1 green relic gives bonus to 1 stat, 1 blue relic will give bonuses to 1-2 stats, one epic will add 1-4 stats and a legendary will give the highest stats and roughly about 3-5 bonus stats (resistance to all elements, all shield bonuses) or the best bonus to 1 category like ammo regen for all weapon types,
    small scaling with rarity except for legendaries, because more stats will be available with a higher rarity

    Shields: keep the different types + add an oz-kit-variant with a 2 second "jump" (considerably stronger, because it wont be on the moon anymore with the gravity) and the smashing; how about a legendary "oz-kit-shield" that turns enemies hit into stone with a 20sec cooldown that could be resetted instantly if the smash kills atleast one,
    buff for example the Roid-shields and the nova-explosion, so that choosing either will also have its appealing side;

    Item slots: add more starting slots, starting with 15, remove 1 or 2 item slots purchases from the black market and perhaps increase the amount of slots gained by 1 (4 with each purchase), so that ultimately black market currency can be used for different means (also with the safe upgrades costing $)

    Grinder : very nice idea, but please put more of them into the game, playing with 4 people and all wanting to try their luck out at the grinder and only one can access it at a time...

    Black market: different types of currency like Seraph Crystals and Torgue Coins for different means,
    keep the ranking 4/8/12/16/20/50/100 , add a way of leveling gear (weapons to be specific) but keep the borderlands we know for its loot! you should be able to increase stats (maybe even choose which stats or to how degree, pushing the dmg and accuracy but reduce magazin clip and recoil reduction for instance) but costing more black market currency 1) the higher the lvl of the weapon 2) the higher the rarity of the weapon (sidenote: adjust the rarity system or keep? dunno) a green pistol of the lvl 43 could cost about 30 eridium or whatever for lvling up once, or an assault rifle, lvl 67, rarity epic, costs about 128 eridium (whatever the currency) so that players can upgrade weapons, but for not destroying the principle of leveleing and looting of Borderlands, they can do it only with very few weapons they extremely care about; going hand in hand with leveling the weapons or separately 2k could invent the option to choose the models for the weapons and changing some parts to some extent (costing black market currency and orientating on arms manufacturer, maybe a little across?)

    Masteries: evaluate the system of TPS,
    the investment of 4 points per row should be sufficient to go to the next row,
    keep many 1-point-masteries,
    invent more 2- and 3-point masteries and more masteries in a row to choose from and
    change KILL SKILL to some degree: the character should get a portion of the bonus or even half (dependent on masteries) permanently and the other half or a great deal of the bonus on kill, perhaps a different bonus permanently not just 100% bonus of a mastery on kill, this could work fine with refined BOSS FIGHTS/ RAID BOSSES, sometimes you dont get to kill enemies, meaning you dont get bonuses for KILL SKILL;
    combine some masteries like with athena: shes got the option to increase the damage of the aspis by 7/14/../35% and the other option for the same tree is to raise the gun dmg and movementspeed 4/8/../20 while holding the aspis; these are 2 relatively simple masteries which can be combined, for instance: 6/12/.../30% dmg for the aspis and 3/6/../15% more gun dmg and mvsp. while holding it;
    on the Guide Book or on another 'tab' there should be a list of all mastery skills with a detailed explanation how it works, with what other masteries it goes hand in hand, if it can be triggered by allies and what the scale value is exactly, for instance if you combine a mastery skill with 50% elemental resistance with a shield giving another 39% elemental resistance, how high would the elemental resistance value be? it stacks multiplicatively so showing the exact number would be cool (is it worth skilling so much resistance at all? questions that the game and not a forum or community has to answer)

    Boss fights: make them more attractive (not just shooting and hiding, maybe add 1 or 2 more mechanics, maybe exclusive to the various bosses,) and let them be farmable, not just once like Handsome Jack or Zarpedon

    Leveling up: maybe add much more (bonus) content like in Borderlands 2 (not story relevant parts, varied gameplay) or add more means of leveling without playing with every character you want to push to the hightest lvl 3x times the story alternatively adjust the total lvl; playing the story twice for leveling up a character completely?

    Enemies: a variety of them, borderlands 2 did a good job, not just a small number of enemy types but also various types between bandits and creatures,
    once again legendary midgets, warloader, jenkins (maybe normal spawns and not box-spawns)
    and chubby enemies for more loot (not always dropping legendaries but giving the players a chance of farming more easily),
    armored enemies with an immense shield?

    Splatter: make the game more bloody like Borderlands 1, shooting single arms (more easily), bullet holes and heads explosing to some extent and not just exploding the whole body with a great deal of overkill-dmg

    Weapons: add more shooting sounds and different art styles for weapons!
    the usual pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, lasers, rocket launchers + eridian (energy, no ammo)/ alien weapons (Bl1) +
    separate pistols and revolvers! the revolver since borderlands 2 feel a little awkward, the models, the same ammunition pool with normal pistols and the sound (to some extent) dont feel right, the players wont loose 100% pistol ammo in a fight or on a longer fight series because the revolver with the normal pistol pool does not use many bullets but deals more dmg with each shot, this should just be adjusted; please give back our normal revolvers and the feeling of using one!
    weapon types may intertwine with each other: long-range-shotguns and smg-like pistols (Bl1), or grenade launcher parts, this leads to more bazillion of weapons and fun!
    add a 5th like weapon : by pressing the grenade button, you dont throw a grenade, instead you pick a grenade launcher, which uses the grenades as ammunition, the grenade launchers ofc have less dmg because you can aim more easily (varies on type) , but profits from weapon and explosion dmg/ modifications; an alternative could be the direct weapon modification that allows to shoot with your normal weapon without throwing, this could be added to some weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, smgs, sniper rifles) with eridium or upon finding
    how about Bows, Crossbows (for a class or generally) and melee weapons (for atleast melee classes)?

    Grenades : keep the different types + dynamite, mines
    + invent something completely new, perhaps like the shield regenerator of the lost legion (TPS) but instead with higher shield charge rate, HP regeneration or something else, that does not have to be offensive, maybe more strategically, a small turret or drone instead of a grenade, but allowing only one item of this type at a time und less in overall => different ammunition scaling , half the grenades on number; as a means to prevent people on having both a turret and normal grenades, you could make the turret or whatever it is disappear, when a grenade mod is equipped after planting a helpful device or dont allow players to change items/weapons AT ALL when in fight (or both, prevents planting helpful devices before the fight and changing then to a grenade mod / launcher)

    one idea I have is to invent a legendary grenade mod or a new normal type that works similar to a singularity mod, you throw one on the ground (or at a wall) and instead of the singularity pull it spawns hands! (like a devil hand from the floor) and grabs everything in range to the gap/hole or a single target hand of greater size that holds or strangels one enemy in the air
    Bomblet grenades: what about a type spawning snakes instead of normal or enemy-seeking bomblets ? they will likely deal corrosive dmg and explode (explosion dmg) after a short time; a second example could be see-through birds (in the color of the elemental type; maybe combining types) flying at the enemies and exploding

    Map / fast travel station not as complicated as in Borderlands 2 (with alle the Dlc) sort out the bonus content to different windows, if you click or just move your mouse on territores, you will then see the different locations you can travel too, if there are multiple locations in a single territory to travel to;

    Guidebook: a new window next to the badass token/ challenges window: it should give information about characters, important cities, oppositions, arms manufacturers, list all maps with information about the maps itself historically-wise, all clans, mines and whatsoever is on the map and record all enemies encountered so far
    - map-specific loot; for instance there are 5 character skins shown as a info and are dropped by enemies (bandits, creatures or from anyone) in a winter-area, getting one will unlock the unkown skin, displaying what it is afterwards
    - information about all different enemy-types, their looks, roles in a clan?, also the stronger enemies from the (ultimate) vault hunter mode, their weaknesses, all bosses, boss mechanics, specific legendary loot from bosses and also head skins
    of course this guidebook orientates on ones own accomplishments, offering information only upon
    exploring one area completely,
    finishing all quests regarding a bandit clan or whatever,
    killing bosses => weaknesses + info about IF the boss can drop a legendary (not showing what kind of legendary item or skin until it drops),
    this guidebook is intended to be shared by ALL characters, saving progress/information in one book, enabling farming for specific items, skins scattered across the whole universe and reading about anything after 'writing' this book; this would give borderlands much more story, roundabout information about anything of intererest, not only quest-dialogues and echo logs for story-fill-ins; in my opinion the echo logs are often ignored or unfitting while a long fight takes place, a player cant quite concentrate if he is intently about to roughen up some enemies, even less when a friend loots an echo log while we have to fight our way through;
    Dialogues of echo recorders should be archived and always be accessible, if a player misses some parts

    Vision on enemies should be clear; dealing damage in different element types and having 3 mates who also shoot the same target nullifies the vision on the enemy almost completely => how about an option to enable/disable the numbers of teammates and changing the burn or corrosion effects on your own character so that you can still see even if you burn (it pains me that as a Psycho I cant see ☺☺☺☺ if a get a corrosive effect on myself and even hit myself with the specific mastery skill)
    - option to turn off the map
    - option to turn off quest texts completely

    Cut scenes: an option to cancel the video beside the intro
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    These are some great ideas. All of you have thought long and hard. I just want a new game to say the least. More characters, more worlds, more places to dive into, more missions, better ways to get legendaries. Something similar to Destiny but not Destiny. The only part that I think would be great for Borderlands is to have the open world like Destiny so that as we are online we can jump right into a mission with someone else. OPEN WORLD would be awesome for a new borderlands! Sharper images and funnier characters. Claptrap needs a girlfriend/baby too! Can't leave him out.

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    I'll try to keep this short:

    1. Third person view.
    2. More character customizations.
    3. Better loot drops. BL2 is an insanely fun game, but the guns were a constant disappointment to me compared to BL1. In BL1, I was constantly changing out weapons, constantly finding something a little better and dropping the old weapon. In BL2, I find myself ignoring 90% of the loot, because most is just too weak. The only good weapons I get come from the golden chest, and that's just sad.
    4. The ability to play as any of the playable characters from BL1, BL2 or TPS, plus new characters ... and maybe Tiny Tina as a playable character. It might be cool to be able to build unique characters with unique attack skills to choose from. Choose gender, how they look, etc.
    5. In BL1, I loved bloodwing. I'd love in BL3, to have a pet skag that starts as a pup, and as I level up, it gets bigger and more powerful until it's quite literally a giant, monster.
    6. BL2 was too geared toward multiplayer, meaning that in single-player, the going was a LOT tougher, and I mostly felt I was plinking away at enemies, compared to BL1. I'd like to see the game shift better from SP to MP, taking into account that in SP, we still deserve decent loot, but it should be a little easier to compensate for the lack of help. Maybe as a balance, have AI comrades to fight with us, not unlike the way the mechromancer's bot does.
    5. Tiny Tina

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    I have an Idea about the ending of The PreSequel and a possible backstory or beginning of BL2.
    SPOILER ALERT Lilith executes Athena at the end of BLTPS but Brick and Mordecai dont approve.+Athena herself was a top lvl Atlas Assassin, used the Dahl-New_U multiple times and worked for Hyperion. One of those companies shurely recreated her after said execution. But what if Mordecai saw that coming and git himself an old Dahl New-U to recreate her right in Sancuary where they could keep her under watch and proceed exchanging stories and stuff. So she would be alive at the beginning of BL3 and maybe even on the Side of the Vault Hunters. Additionally, if Elpis was a accessable region in BL3 she could give you tips and missions there.
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