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Thread: Random shoot results and saves

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    Random shoot results and saves

    How will the shoot result be handled in relation to saves?
    In X-Com Apocalypse is you reload a save before the shoot, the result will be the same every time. JA2 has a similar system.
    In X-com UD and TftD the result is totally random, so there I finished once a game on superhuman and 2 or 3 soldiers never missed a shoot, after 200 missions!

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    If what you are asking is whether random numbers are procedural or not, that is a good question.

    Note all of these games had true random numbers. It was just that all random numbers are generated off a "seed" as computers can't truly generate random things. This "seed" was saved along with the game in your first examples, making the outcome of the first few rolls exactly the same. However if you instead did something different first, you would have had different results.

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    That's correct. If you seed at the start of a game, and save that random generator seed to the save file, you will always have the same outcome on two shots taken the same way from an immediate load. If you seed your random generator off of the time clock or something else that changes continuously, it will be different each reload.

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    To be honest, if you need to save and reload all the time to win, you should probably just play on a lower difficulty. Impossible would be pretty easy (but hardly fun) to beat this way if the player is willing to save and reload all the time.

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