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Thread: Civ 4 Install Issue

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    Wink Civ 4 Install Issue

    Hello everyone

    I'm new to the forum and my issue is probably very old by now. However, I purchased Civ 4 Gold Edition because my son told me it was an excellent game that I would like. He also is allowing me to trouble shoot my own problems. Good Son. Can any of you tell me how can I get the game to play. After all disc are installed I get a can not find "cd rom install correct disc " error. It keep coming up after I install disc 1. Please help so that I can play the game and possibly play with my son on line.

    Thanks for your help.:

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    I have an issue with running my CIV IV. Just installed it on my PC which is new and the Login Wizard cannot connect to the server. It was installed successfully on my last PC. And now when I bought new one and installed the game on it, I am not able to start it.
    Please advise how to do it

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