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Thread: How many countries can you afford to lose....

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    How many countries can you afford to lose....

    ....on classic?
    My stratergy is to choose a number of countries I'm not going to worry about defendng from the get go but how many can I afford to ignore and still win the game?

    Soz I should have introduced myself Newb signing in.

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    Personally i'd say anything above 4 and you should be worried, but if you have the rest of your countries locked down and your Airforce is tip top then you could maybe get away with 5-6 and be safe...

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    I generally agree, with the caveat that if most of the 5-6 award $100 or more you will be in trouble.

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    Just don't lose the last one and you'll be fine.

    I assume that countries will leave as well, so don't sweat them unless it's a high value one ($$ and/or in a continent you want for the bonus).

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    Once 8 leave, game over.

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    I'm playing on classic and I've lost 5 countries in the first 2 months. I spent too much money on junks rather than concentrate on building satellites but somehow I recovered and now the 10 countries that I still got left are all at panic level 1.

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    Depends on when you lose them I guess.

    For example, assume a game takes 10 months to complete. Lose country at month 1 and you've lose 10x that country's cash. Lose that country in month 10 and you've lost only 1/10 of that countries cash.

    The early game is where money constraints compromise the situation - later in the game when you've got your forces kitted out you can afford to grind missions and sell the stuff you find to top up funds.

    So, in answer to your question, if you're going to lose countries, early game the countries with the least monthly pay seem to be the best to let go. Lose Russia at the beginning for example and you lost 1500 by end game - that's a lot of satellites, uplinks, interceptors and so on.


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