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Thread: Bioshock 2... Its official

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    Bioshock 2... Its official

    im actually surprised nobody did this before me, but take a look at this...

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    Awesome. It'd be nice to have a more fleshed out story regarding rapture's downfall.

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    why the hell should i tell you?
    "Take-Two Interactive announced today that BioShock 2 was officially in the works, under the development wing of the recently formed 2K Marin studio. The sequel—rumored to actually be a prequel—to the Xbox 360 and PC shooter is planned for a fourth-quarter fiscal 2009 release date. Take-Two's fiscal year ends October 31, so expect it to hit unspecified platforms (read: Xbox 360) before the '09 holidays."

    Itll have to be a prequel, cause rapture drowned.
    but im glad tis a prequel, i wanna know more about what actually happened.

    hopefully liz will get on and let us know something about this.

    ps if its true i hopee they keep this form instead of makin a new bioshock two forum.
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    It would be amazing to see a rapture before the war with sander cohen giving a show for example.

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    Please discuss the news in the General Games subforum.

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