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Thread: Bioshock choppy video - Xbox

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    Unhappy Bioshock choppy video - Xbox

    I've been playing Bioshock for some time now (2nd time through the game) and suddenly the video is choppy.

    I took the game back to the store and got a new one(even though it looked fine - no scratches or anything)...still choppy.

    I created a new profile and started a new game...still choppy.

    Dropped the output to 720 from guessed it, still choppy.

    All my other games (Gears of War, R6 - Vegas, Guitar Hero II & III, COD4) all work fine.

    The XBox 360 is about 4 months old.



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    I'm from Brooklyn!!!
    When it is booting up (When you see the Unreal Engine, etc. stuff) hold down both right and left bumpers.
    That will clear the cache, and possibly make id play better.
    Also, did you download any thing for the 360 version?

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    Smile Thanks!

    The cache clearing trick worked!

    My system is standalone. I haven't spent the money on the wireless or want to go through the trouble of wiring the XBox location (just to have some 10 year old kick my butt in COD4).


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