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Thread: Vita Chambers option disappering

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    Vita Chambers option disappering

    Hello! I have a bioshock on 360 and I've planned to do a second playthrough to get all achievements I haven't unlocked. But it seems like the option to disable vita chambers isn't there and playing through the game without dying on hard to unlock brass balls doesn't work without having disabled that option. So I'm wondering if you are going to release a new update or something that fixes that glitch soon? I've read that many other 360 players have the same problem. I think it would be very fun to get all the achievements on one the best games ever.

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    Same here it is so damn annoying I wanted to play through it again and get my 3 remaining achievements in one go, seems alot of people are having this problem

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    I feel they're are ignoring this if they can't fix it they can at least tell why. Releasing a new update can't take that much time? I mean I have paid for the game and then everything should work or at least be fixed soon. But they haven't said anything to anyone as I know. So it feels like they're ignoring this.

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    i would recommend you posting this in tech support! (if you haven't already)

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