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    Exclamation Civilization Revolution FAQs

    Welcome to the FAQ page for Sid Meier’s next installment in the Civilization series. This has been recently overhauled thanks to Joneleth and TheMystic who helped put this all together in a really comprehensive FAQ.


    1. Which platforms does Civilization : Revolution currently support?

    The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS game systems.

    2. When did Civilization Revolution hit shelves?

    In Europe, Civilization Revolution was released on June 13th, 2008, with the DS following in July. In the United States, all platforms hit shelves on July 9th, 2008.

    3. Is there any chance of Civilization Revolution hitting the PC?

    At this time, no. Civilization Revolution was created from the ground up strictly for consoles.

    4. Does Civilization Revolution mark the end for Civilization games on the PC?

    Not at ALL! there will be more PC Civilization games!

    5. Does the Playstation 3 version support a Mouse and Keyboard?

    It does not, only the controller may be used.

    6. Will there be a PSP or Wii version at some point?

    Currently there no plans for a PSP or Wii version, but if this changes, the community will be the first to know.

    7. Is there online play?

    You bet - all three platforms support multiplayer games! Xbox Live and the Playstation Network actually support ranked ladder games as well.

    8. Is the core gameplay the same on all three platforms?

    Yes! The core gameplay is exactly the same. The DS version has an overhauled interface to make it work well with a handheld device, but all aspects of gameplay are identical to the 360 and PS3 versions.

    9. How many civilizations are there?

    There are 16 different civilizations, each with their own unique traits, and bonuses.

    10. Why was my favorite civilization left out of the game?

    Since the game only has 16 civilizations, there were bound to be some that had to be left out. It's nothing personal, honest!

    11. Why did you choose *fill in the blank* as a leader, but not so and so?

    Much like the last question, there were only spots for so many leaders, and Firaxis chose the leaders that they felt best fit the mood of the game. It's not that Firaxis didn't like the other leaders that may have lead the featured countries, just that each featured were the ones that really matched with the style and traits.

    12. Does Civilization Revolution include a level editor?

    No it does not, each map is randomly generated though, which means that you will have a new experience each time you play!


    1. What is the gameplay like compared to Civilization 4?

    Civilization Revolution takes most of the best elements of the previous PC Civilization games and updates them with a faster pace, and less of an emphasis on micro-management. Civilization Revolution was designed in a way that most games can be completed in two or three hours, even if played with other people. It also some major changes to Nuclear Weapons, wonder benefits, first to research benefits, and also Artifacts!

    2. Do maps come in different sizes, or are they all one specific size?

    Maps are all one size, but they are randomly generated to provide a unique experience every time you play.

    3. How many players can play on a map?

    Each map will always feature five actual players whether they are AI or Human, and one Barbarian faction as well. If four humans players played together, one AI player would fill the other spot. If two human players were playing together, then three AI players would also be in the game.

    4. How aggressive is the AI? Can I choose different AI personalities?

    The AI difficulty depends on the chosen difficulty level. Each AI personality chosen will be completely random, so you may very well find Gandhi threatening you with nuclear weapons!

    5. The game seems very unbalanced. Won't <insert government/wonder/unit here> make the game really unfair?

    The game was designed so that all civilizations, units, and wonders could be perceived as somewhat overpowered, but where there may exist power, there’s almost always a good counter out there that can turn the tide to your favor.

    6. What type of victories are there in Civilization Revolution?

    Domination, Culture, Economic, and Space Race.

    7. How many different ages are there?

    Ancient, Medieval, Industrial, and Modern.

    8. Does Civilization Revolution play out in real time?

    Civilization : Revolution is still a turn based game, but it does support simultaneous turns in multiplayer.

    9. Will there be vassals in CivRev?

    Not at this time. Vassals were experimented with early on, but were taken out since they did not fit the projected gameplay style.

    10. I really loved the multimedia content in the previous games. Does Civilization Revolution feature similar content?

    Instead of wonder videos, we have real-time in-engine sequences showing them being built. On the other hand, we have some really cool multimedia content in the Civilopedia, so we have stock footage of many of the wonders, units, and other things in the game.

    11. I've been a huge fan of Civ ever since Civ II, and some of my favorite additions to the series since that game are religion, civics, combat updates. Has the content of the previous games been stripped out for the sake of simplicity?

    Religion is a technology that can be researched. We don't have Civics in the Civ IV-sense, but there are multiple government types that can be researched and then selected, each with a different bonus. The combat system is different from past civs. There are separate attack and defend ratings, and terrain is super important, as are bonuses like unit upgrades, great generals and naval support. Where content was taken out, new content was almost always added in its place.

    12. Are unique units better than the units they replace? In other words, does the American Sherman Tank have a better attack or defense rating than the regular tank unit?

    Unique units are specific to the culture, and look unique for that culture. In almost all cases, they do receive some sort of bonus. Zulu warriors for example gain an extra movement point, and Sherman Tanks do a little more damage than normal!

    13. I've watched some CivRev gameplay footage vids and I noticed that when advisors, barbarian or civ leaders appear, the game "stops" for a while. Is this loading time going to be present in the final game or we can expect these appearances to be natural?

    The game is turn based, so the game does not really "stop" when you are talking to an advisor or leader. you are simply conducting diplomacy, and not moving any of your armies or other people around. it feels very natural, and when you are done with whatever you need to do with those people, you can go on building, or fighting to your heart's content.

    14. I understand that armies can be created on the land, but can I create an army with naval units as well?

    Yes! You can build fleets of Battleships, Submarines, Destroyers, and all of the other naval units featured in the game. The only difference is, they cannot earn a great general.


    1. Is there a single player campaign?

    No, the game will be similar to Civilization 4 in that you can play single player, multiplayer, or scenario game types.

    2. Are there scenarios included with Civilization 4 : Revolution?

    Yes, there are a large number of scenarios which are available the second you load the game!
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