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Thread: Irrational Closing its doors?

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    Irrational Closing its doors?

    Okay, so I just read something trippy in my monthly Game Informer (I like turning pages, leave me alone), and in a list of top 10 closed studios Irrational is 5. Well, that's news to me, and it's not a joke, Westwood, Pandemic, and Clover are there too.

    Did Irrational make a rebound or something, or is GI incorrect?
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    Irrational is officially closed. Levine let most of the staff go and what is left will become a new studio that had yet to be named. sm

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    its closed yes, but what happened to everything in development, what does ken still own when he left? did he take the irrational name with him or was it because of a bad game, he didnt need to close it just make it go independent again... any IP irrational had is now in limbo like system shock 2

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