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Thread: What I wish the One World Expansion Would Add

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    What I wish the One World Expansion Would Add

    Though this will likely never be implanted XD I still think they are good ideas . And should defintely be taking in consideration for Civ VI!

    1. Scrap the old system of trading
    2. Add a global trading system to replace it, that can drastically increase game play
    How? *city trading within the same civilization would be kept as it is very strategic*

    - Cities would locate themselves with foreign civilization's cities similar to the way they locate national cities

    + This would involve Diplomacy as having open boarders would allow a route to trade with another civilization. However if one was to have a hostile relationship and all other routes are blocked or do not exist, than no trade would be granted.
    + Sea Trading would be limited to coastal tile trading tell the civilization reaches Renaissance.
    + Civilizations would also be able to block trading by placing units on all possible routes that can be taking. Thus enhancing sea warfare [ which can lead players/AI to strategically attack certain civilizations that are blocking trade or to secure it by settling and placing units in areas.

    - Civilizations that have more resources than others, including duplicates, would be the best rewarding trade partners.
    + AI will be pressured to keep relations good with major resource holders (unless they are warring in trait) and would strategically do their best to prevent others from getting such trade
    + Thus AI/Humans would do their best to achieve trade with the major resource holders. [Kind of like Europe and Asia ]

    3. Fix World Builder
    - Many people are experiencing problems loading it after a recent update.

    4. Fix mods disappearing when offline
    - This prevents you from playing civilization offline as you loosed modded saves if updates to the mods she/he downloaded had been updated.

    5. Scrap the current system with culture
    - Replace it with being more generous to large civilizations (No playing with small AI civilizations is not fun, they should be beating up by other civilizations to get small, not belittle themselves and be killed easily)
    - make taking cities from another civilization/citystate very bad for your culture (Little or no way to fix unless giving back).

    6. Add the Earth Map and Terra Map to Multiplayer!!!

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    To 6) Add all single player maps to multiplayer

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