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Thread: Save problems on Xbox 360!!!

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    Unhappy Save problems on Xbox 360!!!

    AHH! Having some seriously irritating save problems with Infinite on my Xbox - (maybe I'm daft) but every time I try to create a new save on my Xbox Live profile I get the error msg "An error occurred when attempting to save the profile. Retry?"
    But alas, I retry to no avail.

    Also, I get disconnected from Live every time I boot up the game though connection is fine, and saving on my non-Live profile works just peachy.

    Help a sister out? Any suggestions? This Xbox is going out the window soon otherwise!

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    I am having save problems too -

    When loading the game, I get automatically disconnected from Xbox live and stay offline unless I exit to the dashboard. Also my autosave function seems to not work too prompting me with the same error message as the person above: "An error occurred when attempting to save the profile. Retry?"

    I have tried everything! (Seriously!) I even cleared the system cache and that didn't help either!

    Friends said it could be the game itself but I am not an expert so I wouldn't know

    Help us 2K!!!!!

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    Yes! That's exactly what's happening to me! At least I know I'm not the only one.

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