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Thread: The Hidden Vox Populi Codes

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    The Hidden Vox Populi Codes

    So I've now started to go through this game a second time and this time around I have looked through every nook and cranny I possibly could. I have found these things that Elizabeth seems to think are Vox Populi codes and I decoded the first one I found in Soldiers field and am now working on decoding the second one I found in Fink's town with the Good Time Club and Chen Li's blacksmithing place. Has anyone found all of these codes and have I missed any? Any info would help a lot

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    Nope. There are only two.

    The code book for Finkton is by the boiler in the Club Basement, and the code puzzle in behind a lock pick door in the main Finkton Plaza area. The translation tells you to change the time of the broken clock next to the Vox Code.

    For those who need the Soldier's Field one...

    There's a small square in Soldier's Field before taking the Sky Lines to the Hall of Heroes, but after the elevator ride with the bee. Facing the Hall of Heroes, on the left is a restaurant. The code is painted on the wall in the bathroom. On the right side of the square is an arcade. The code book is in the mouth of the canon in the arcade. Once translated, it tells you to 'Tip the hat'. In the second bathroom of the restaurant, there's a hat stand with a top hat on it. 'Use' it to open the door.

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    Yeah, those code books really bugged me on my first play through. So glad those secret switches don't activate Plastered Spider Splicers

    There's another code book in Emporia

    I can't remeber WHERE the book is (think it's around the area of the snipers either behind the locked doors or wrecked shops or bar, but I'm sure someone can correct me!) The code itself is in the "Bank of the Prophet" when you follow the Siren. On the top floor, after the first gunfight, The Siren goes right to the vault, but if you explore to the LEFT you'll find offices and the code's in the farthest office.

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    The third book can be found in the basement of one of the burnt out stores just through one of the two gates you can unlock to leave the area where you find the bank of the prophet - it is the gate to the right if you are facing the entrance to the bank - rather than the gate to the far left which leads to beggars alley..

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