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Thread: HUD is too wide on Multi Monitor.....

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    HUD is too wide on Multi Monitor.....

    I use Eyefinity on 3 monitors and my HUD is setup right at the extreme left and right and is useless when the action starts.
    My setup is below.
    And I already know that for a lot of people with AMD cards, in the Graphics options for Aspect they have a setting "Multi Monitor" which gives them the HUD on the centre screen. Mine (and a few others I've heard of on other forums) doesn't have this "Multi Monitor" setting.
    Anyone know of a fix.
    I'm running the Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3 drivers, by the way.

    ​i7 920 at 4.0Ghz // ASUS Rampage II Extreme, Intel X58 // 12Gb Corsair DDR3 Ram // 2 x PowerColor HD7970 (Oc'd 1125 MHz Core/1575 MHz Memory) WC'd
    // RevoDrive 120Gb PCIe SSD // Windows 7 64 Bit Premium // 3 x Dell u2410 at 6048x1200

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    The following approach is unsupported, but may help you.

    You can adjust the margins of the HUD in the file DefaultGame.ini by changing the following lines:

    bUseDefaultSafeRect = true
    SafeRectX0 = 0
    SafeRectY0 = 0
    SafeRectX1 = -1
    SafeRectY1 = -1

    To adjust the HUD boundaries

    1) Set bUseDefaultSafeRect to false; this will enables the custom settings in the next two steps.

    2) Edit SafeRectX0 and SafeRectX1 to be the left-most and right-most pixel boundaries of the HUD according to your resolution and preferences. For example, if you are playing at 1280x720 and you want the HUD to appear only in the middle third of the screen, you could set SafeRectX0 to 426 and SafeRectX1 to 854.

    3) Edit SafeRectY0 and SafeRectY1 to be the top-most and bottom-most pixel boundaries of the HUD according to your resolution and preferences.

    That should let you shift and scale the HUD so that it's centered better for your multi-monitor display.

    Again, this method is unsupported and may not work for all setups. But it's worth a try and I hope it helps you.

    -- Chris Kline, Technical Director, Irrational Games

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