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Thread: NBA 2K13 Custom Shoe Data Loading Freeze PS3

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    NBA 2K13 Custom Shoe Data Loading Freeze PS3


    Is there any news regarding this issue ? It's happening for a while now and it's very frustrating for many of us NBA fans. Any patch you guys are working on ? Sorry if I duplicated this topic somehow but the search option is awkward and didn't give me any result searching through the forum. I'm not planning to go to the retailer asking for a refund as it's you guys who released a faulty game. Besides I got it in Dubai and won't be flying 10 hours from Dublin to get my money back. Unless you cover the cost of travel and time off work. Anyway I will appreciate a response and so will many of unhappy, frustrated and tired customers.


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    Hi there!

    I'm afraid you've found the wrong 2K forums for your question - what you're looking for is the 2K Sports forums, found here:


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    _Pax_ is correct. 2K Sports forum is at

    Closing thread.

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