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Thread: Great Game! Congratulations, Firaxis Team!

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    Great Game! Congratulations, Firaxis Team!

    Hello guys,

    As a long time Firaxis fan, I couldn't miss the chance to congratulate you for another fun, addictive game!

    Me and my daughter are having a great time playing Haunted Hollow for hours! It's the true family strategy game!

    Best regards,


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    My wife and I absolutely love the game. Plus the best thing about it is we can play the game together while we are at work. Just send a turn and go do something, then come back and have your next turn.

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    its the same to me, i love the game very much and would reccomend it to my friends!

  4. My husband and I are playing this game, I enjoyed it

  5. I really enjoyed this game always

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