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Thread: Any truth to the NFL 2K14 rumor?

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    Any truth to the NFL 2K14 rumor?

    Since EA's monopoly ends this year, I have heard several reports of 2K Sports possibly getting a NFL license and bringing quality back to football games. I have not bought any NFL games since NFL 2K5 because I despise the exclusive license and the last time 2K sports was allowed to make a NFL game, it was far superior. Even hardcore Madden fans agree that while they may not buy a 2K sports NFL title, the mere presence of one would cause EA to step up their game. Honestly though, the only people who claim to be true to the Madden franchise are too young to remember how much better NFL 2K5 was than Madden that year (and every year since). If those people had the chance to play an up to date NFL 2K, they would be blown away and probably never buy another copy of Madden. For 8 years now, EA has been able to sit back, put out a mediocre (at best) product and say "here it is, take it or leave it" I was so happy to hear that 2K Sports would be making another NFL game but, these are rumors and the only real proof will be on the shelf when and if it is actually released. So I ask, is there any truth to what I have been hearing?

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    2K has two forums - and I'm afraid you've found the wrong one for Sports-game related questions. If you head over to you'll be able to find someone that might have the answer - or at least, fellow fans who want to discuss the rumor you mentioned.

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    Pax is correct! Sorry, we just don't talk about the 2K sports games here. Please go on over to the link Pax provided

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