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    BioShock (Xbox 360)
    Here are the locations of five of the Power to the People weapon modification systems I can recall scattered throughout Rapture.

    #1. Neptune's Bounty - Fontaine Fisheries cold storage area; under the freezer room where you fight Peech Wilkins.

    #2. Arcadia - Area in front of the ticket vending for the Farmer's Market.

    #3. Farmer's Market - In the Worley Whinery; half-submerged in the lowest level of the cellar and next to the distilling tanks.

    #4. Fort Frolic - Sinclair's Spirits in Upper Poseidon; down in the cellar.

    #5. Apollo Square - In Fontaine's Home For the Poor; the third floor under Atlas' ammo storage.

    I hope this helped!
    Post the locations that I missed if you want to!

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    This topic has been covered quite a lot so I am going to close this thread a quick search pulled up this thread.

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