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Thread: Civ 5 Multiplayer Crash

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    Civ 5 Multiplayer Crash

    I have previously been playing Civ 5 Multiplayer error / crash free, however, after BNW was released any attempts to join or host a multiplayer game of any type and with any settings crashes the game to desktop, singleplayer works fine however. I have all Civ 5 expansions / dlc and have tried starting games with them all on / disabled. I'am on a new computer currently which has the same problems as the previous one. I have tried verifying the cache multiple times and running the game in both dx 9 and dx 10/11 as well as reinstalling direct x.

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    I have a friend who also has this game, I logged onto his steam account, from my computer, and the game ran fine, when he logged onto my account, from his computer, the game crashed at the same place. Thinking it an issue with Steam Cloud I cleared all my Civ 5 Steam Cloud data, but this didn't fix it either. Still having the same problem.
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    Your own troubleshooting indicates that a setting in your Steam account is the cause here. I would start searching there. Enabling/disabling different options such like the steam overlay, screenshot button assignment, push-to-talk buttons, etc. Search your Steam settings. Hopefully that will point you in the right direction.

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    Dydx, did you find the problem?

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    Solved. or at least i think. i have been looking for this solution for quite awhile. and i found it nowhere. it is my guess that most people who have this problem have the game on steam. what must be done to fix this is as easy as changing your steam name to something short and easy. for example, my steam name at the time was "{➊➌➌➐} ☣Ⓙⓞⓢⓗ☣ ⇔ mayonaze". i changed my steam name to just "Josh" and civ 5 multiplayer worked fine. i changed it back, and WALAH. broken again. so my advice it to change your steam name to something the game wont be confused about, and i find it tends to work. hope this helps.

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