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Thread: Scramble For Africa Sub Saharan domination?

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    Unhappy Scramble For Africa Sub Saharan domination?

    I just played as the Zulu on Emperor, planning to get as many cities as possible as the Zulu because I like how they're so focused on war. But damn, the superior force of the Europeans just makes them extremely overpowered. I know the victory is supposed to go culutrally, but I wanted to try a different approch.

    I managed to conqure one city of Portugal. With 5 crossbowmen and two trebuchets. That was very, very hard. The cities defenses are unbareable. European cities getting around 50 city defense strength, while we only get crossbowmen and trebuchets to deal with them. The Europeans have frigates in the sea, a constant problem and they have riflemen and rifled cannons, which have 3 range. Which, I think just makes the game silly. I tried to conquer Portugals next closest city, but having a rifled cannon in there and it's just impossible.

    I've seen the AI sub saharans and they never stand a chance, they get defeated so quickly and so easy that playing as a European just means extra points. As for the North, the Ottomans got CRUSHED, literally by the Italians. They has to be more bonuses for the Northen and Sub-Saharn civilizations.

    Sub-Saharan means the bottom civs right? I dunno but if thats wrong, just make Sub-Saharn as the Bottom Africa.

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    The Zulu in SfA are not designed to be able to conquer European cities.
    They are designed to resist conquest.. IF played by a human (because AIs are bad at combat)

    This applies to all the African civs.. just more so to the Zulu.

    The different approach you are trying, is almost (but not quite) like trying to play a normal civ game without founding or capturing any cities.. including a capital. not really what it was designed to do.

    Although really impressive if you can pull it off.. you might be able to do it after the time limit (you will have to raze a lot of the cities though, Zulu don't get the happiness bonuses the other civs do.

    The Boers, Ethiopia, and North Africans have a better chance since they have basically the same tech the Europeans do. (just no railroads)

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    Bromhead: You mean your only plan is to stand behind a few feet of mealie bags and wait for the attack?

    Worked at Rorke's Drift.

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