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Thread: oh my god rams lost to the lions.......

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    SLuSHIE Guest

    oh my god rams lost to the lions.......

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    stray Guest
    Man... I m stoked. If only Westbrook hadent torn his tricept, I de bet on PHI going to the superbowl.

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    SLuSHIE Guest
    its phillies year!

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    Josh17 Guest
    Its because rams suck at away games.

    Meaning without home field in the play offs the rams could be elminated.

    Its all about Kanas City!

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    Sep 2003
    It won't matter...RAMS EAGLES COWBOYS CHIEFS BRONCOS COLTS fill in the blank....Kansas City?...with who's defense?

    The Patriots will win it ALL because there's not a better team on BOTH SIDE OF THE BALL than the New England Patriots; everyone else is just a hopeful pretender. Period

    And you can take that to the bank! 8)
    PS3 Gamertag: xDREAMTHEATERx

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    Josh17 Guest
    We'll see.

    New england is strong in defense (About 7th in nfl) but just decent in offense (about 14th overall in NFL)

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