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Thread: ADD BLACKVIVALDI as friend ONLINE: 360

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    thePLAGUE Guest

    ADD BLACKVIVALDI as friend ONLINE: 360

    Yep YEP...I dont have any online frinds yet...SAD and lonely...

    Anyway, why are there no more than 30-40 in online lobbies on the xbox360?...It sometimes shows 2000 people online or playing but i think that is just the number of people on XBOXLIVE not those that are only playing APF2k8 correct?...What am I missing...Am new to the xbox360 u dig?...Logging in now.

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    vicious776 Guest
    If it says 2000, then I'm guessing most of those people aren't in a lobby. I'm guessing most of them do quick matches or custom matches or they're playing with their friends. Most lobby people cheese anyways... and the actual number of people on xbox live would be much higher than 2000

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    yea, not that many people go to lobbies...

    anyways, i'll add you

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    doug1 Guest
    I haven't had problems with people in the lobby as long as I stick to people with a 90% or higher rating.

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    i do quick matches

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