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Thread: Just Bought the greatest game EVER!!!!!

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    MrAllStaR Guest

    Just Bought the greatest game EVER!!!!!

    Well I just rented the greatest game ever.....NCAA08. The graphics are great the gameplay is fun and exciting. Just everything about it is great......Nah im just kidding that is the worst game in sports game history. The graphics are dull and it makes the game boring , it feels so slow, and it just SUCKS. I just wanna tell people DON'T BUY THIS GAME!!! save your $65.80 and go buy 2k8 or a Nintendo and Techmo Bowl.

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    FullCollapse3k Guest
    I played it at Gamestop earlier today and it played great, dunno what you're talking about.

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    Ponycar08 Guest
    Too Late, I already bought it I will say this, i am glad I have it. Since it will be the last time I am tempted into a trap by EA! I can say I remember when. SO LONG EA SPORTS!!!

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    Krooked Guest
    I actually think ncaa is pretty good, graphics are AT LEAST on par to APF2k8 if not better. There 2 completely different games, and ncaa and ea holds true to offering that addicting gameplay that has always sold units. With the dynasty mode you can't go wrong either... nothing like uploading my kids to madden when that releases. All that being said APF2k8 in my opion is the better multi-player experience and is a true football sim. and the all around better football title.

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    MrAllStaR Guest
    For some reason I find it boring. I mean I liked Madden 07 on the 360 and NCAA 07 was good too but somthing about this one made it feel boring.

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    Tyler7y13r Guest
    I don't like it either, rented it then decided not to buy it.

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    tripjones Guest
    Rented it and i won't say i don't like it. I will say for some reason it has a NCAA 2005 feel to it, for me. It also still has the DB's knocking down passes they never look at.......Also do they ever throw bad passes?

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