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Thread: Share your CAW's Thread

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    Im on XBOX1

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    Im on XBOX1

  3. Rocksteady & Bebop vs Michelangelo & Raphael TMNT
    search for them by creator "The Largest Dog"

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    Wow, I've been diving into the options in XBox one, and shout out to all you guys who work so hard to bring us these great characters!

    Replicant, you have made my dream of haveing a decent ECW game much closer to reality! I really hope the search function gets fixed soon so I can find your stuff more easily.

    Anubis your Taz is just amazing! Once I saw it on here I had to find it, and even though it was a pain without the search function it was well worth it!

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    Im on XBOX1

  6. All 4 boys a title belt and an arena with show are downloadable on the xbox one version of the game. search community creations by creator gamertag "The Largest Dog" ENJOY!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by topher316 View Post
    feel like it says you can't post 2 videos in same post, please understand... Literally said i couldn't edit, but gg.
    Im on XBOX1

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    XtremeTony: XGWL Owner/Wrestler

    Name: XtremeTony
    DOB: 8/22/1983 (Currently 33 years old)
    Billed from: San Diego, CA
    Crowd Reaction: Face
    CAW Debut: December 2006 (Age 23)
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 245 lbs
    Wrestling Style:Technical/Showman

    Entrance Music
    "Still Dre" by Dr.Dre (WWA 2006-2007)
    "Sick Vendetta" by Eva Trill (TWF/XGWL/ACW 2007-2011)
    "Classic" by Rakim, Nas & KRS One (2011-pres)

    3-time XGWL Ultimate World Heavyweight Champion
    1-time WWA World Champion
    2-time CCL World Champion
    1-time US-FWA Champion
    1-time INK Champion
    1-time CCL National Champion
    1-time NYCW Champion

    -Padre Popper (Burning Hammer/Swinging Facebuster Drop)
    -Lightning Bolt (Hammerlock Lariat)
    -Charger Suplex (T-Bone Suplex)
    -Top Rope Hurricarana
    -Suicide Dive

    Personal Characteristics
    XtremeTony was once an unknown, then became an Icon in CAW. Debuting in Late 2006, XT put in the work to become 1 of the best in CAW in multiple CAW Leagues ever since. His charisma carries him to victory along with his Technical ability and willing to go high-risk on occasion.
    XtremeTony: XGWL Owner and 3-time XGWL Ultimate World Heavyweight Champion

    Check out XGWL, my CAW League on my YT Channel

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    CAW Spotlight: Buck Harper

    Hey guys, Not sure if there is a designated area to post your CAWs, I didn't see one. But this is a CAW I made named "The Dragon" Buck Harper. He is from Boston, Massachusetts. He is a Face, and an up and comer in NXT. Before WWE he made his name in ROH. He is called the dragon because his moves are all Martial Arts centered/influenced. He has been all over the world training in various martial arts. That is his fictional Bio, now on to his appearance.

    His default attire:

    And his secondary DBZ Attire:

    And here is his Entrance:

    Thank You for checking it out.

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    I made Emma from the Scream tv series, tell me what you think of it,

    Her attire is from S1- Ep. 8 btw. If you think it needs more work let me know.
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    This is my CAW "Diamond" made using my own face. Let me know what you think

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    The caws face/hair/makeup written formulas

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeypasta View Post
    A few of my returning divas
    Kiyori Toda- Osaka, Japan. Inspired by many Joshis and Reiko (Rumble Roses)

    Petra Gladwin- Hollywood, California. Model/Actress Gimmick

    Rebecca Davey- Seattle, Washington. punkish spunky gal

    Moira Newman- Finland. Normally an elven character I make in other games, now "wrestlerfied". Noticable for her 6'8' height
    Would really love to get the written formulae for these caws, at least for their faces, hair, makeup.
    I am new to y2k14, and it is nolonger supported online. so I make my own caws, but I am non-techie, and don't seem to be able to make any attractive or unique and realistic faces for my Diva caws.

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    Which console are you playing on now?
    'ALOT' is NOT A WORD!
    There's a space between the 'a' and the 'lot'. Similarly with the 'words' below...

    abit, atleast, eachother, afew, aswell, apart of, incase, inbetween, infact, ofcourse

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