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Thread: Just finished Spec ops. My thoughts...

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    Just finished Spec ops. My thoughts...

    I sat down and played it right to completion today, being a weekend I figured why not... I was not prepared.

    I made my decisions the whole way through justifying them listening to walker, pushing ahead despite what I was seeing. Its not my fault.... I have no control over this... Whoever's fault it is, will pay. I took the game seriously and pushed on, refusing to give up.

    when I got to the end I was pissed, angry that the game tricked me... I felt it abused my trust to make me feel like a monster. I refused to take responsibility for the ☺☺☺☺☺☺ things that happens in game. I took a break and thought about it, and I can safely say I will never play spec ops the line again. Not because its a bad game, but the weight the choices carry. Any further playthroughs would diminish that a defining point in this stellar game. Sure I hate the choices I made, even though at the time I thought they where right, and now I have to live with them.

    I was lied too, and that is the point. I didn't question it, I blamed Riggs and Konrad and trusted walker in what he was depicting. I was angry at the game, but the game never made me play it, it never made me continue... I continued, I kept putting one foot in front of the other, just like a solider following orders. So much was on the line and I made decisions based on almost nothing at times, a whiff of truth those choices often favoring "the greater good" taking one life or letting one person die in the hope to save two. At the end I was angry because I had literally left a trail of bodies behind me with no one to blame, no way to reason away the actions I took. I was the only one left... And I had some confronting questions, is this what I am willing to do to feel like a hero, to feel validated? Did I do those things just because someone told me?... as if it justifies what I had done. Spec Ops effect has been profound, now I don't know if ever again I will consider beating a military FPS game as winning.
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    Well, I think other military games are fine, like the Brother's In Arms games, they are profound but not creepy like Spec Ops : The Line.

    I haven't played Spec Ops : The Line, but BioShock : Infinite and it's DLC Burial At Sea made me feel the same way.

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    I remember the episode with using white phosphorus. This was the first episode that really shocked me, I even feared to continue the game. And the final... After the final I felt myself like some kind of monster.

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    I accept your everyword. It's also my honest :-)

    I understand your everyword for through the meaning. Because it's also my honest:-).
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