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Thread: Created Player Body Types

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    Created Player Body Types

    Why is it that when you change a player's weight to either the maximum or the minimum or anything in between you do not see the changes in their body types. The only really change you can make to the body types are their muscle definition ( I.e. Ripped) which actually cannot be edited at player creation. The only place I seen that changes can be made are when the characters are imported to myleague.

    Is this just something that I have encountered or has anyone else encountered this issue. I should also mention I am not referring to MyCareer at all this is completely an observation based on created players outside of my career.

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    Anyone experience this?

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    anyone at all?

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    They don't have body types at all 2k beeing lazy

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    I'm referring to ripped, average, & lean. These body types are in the game but not everywhere for some strange reason. It's in my league but you cannot edit it in create a player outside of myleague (I.e. Create a draft or create a player).

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    I'm disappointed seeing 2k doing this, no matter if you weight 100 pounds or 500 pounds your body will look the same and visually you will be the fattest (FAT) player on the court, if you want to create a slim player forget about it, 2k is too busy selling vc 😤😡

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    I am also confused about that.
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