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Thread: HELP!! Little Sisters...Come out, come out wherever you are!

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    Unhappy HELP!! Little Sisters...Come out, come out wherever you are!

    I am playing Bioshock for the first time, last gamer east of the Mississippi to do so. I have little sisters remaining in Arcadia, Medical Pavillion, and the level with Fontaine Fisheries.

    I have rescued about 6 or 7 little sisters so far. Some of the little sisters I just can't find even after reading archives in this forum which told a gamer with the same problem as mine that to find little sisters all that needs to be done is to follow the Big Daddies around (and it can take a while, as long as 20 minutes), and as they bang on the port holes(?), to watch for a little sister to come out. Makes sense right? And, apparently it works...for some people anyway. I've done just that and also waited longer, up to 45 mins following any single BD and still no show of any LS. I even tried re-entering the same levels by using the bathysphere thinking it would reset the area so to speak. Anyone have the same problem as me finding LS's? What else can I try other than to keep following BD's around to see if they'll help a LS out of a hole?

    Also, when I pause the game and the related screen comes up, at the bottom it will say: "little sisters in this level" followed by a given number of little sister pictures with or w/o a BD in the picture. Is this showing the number of little sisters that have already been resued or harvested OR, How many LS's are left to rescue or harvest in the level? If I have it backwards then maybe I already have saved all of the LS's.

    Sorry for such a long post but if anyone can answer these questions it would be a huge help. I am ready to just start over. Thanks in advance!

    "Little sister, don't you do what your big sister done" - Elvis

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    There is a certain number of Little Sisters and Big Daddies on each level, each one tied to the other (except a few Daddies who are just there as "ornaments"). If you kill a daddy and rescue/harvest the sister the daddy will keep spawning, but not the sister, so it is possible that the BD you've been stalking for 45 minutes ("Hey, don't I recognize that guy from somewhere?") has already lost his little sister, or didn't have one in the first place, so try different ones. Alternatively, you've been outsmarted, he's seen you and that Big Daddy is just leading you around in circles, giggling girlishly under his breath!

    I think you can see the number of sisters in the level by accessing the menu, with a a portrait of every sister. If she hasn't been found yet the picture is covered by that of a Big Daddy, if she has been harvested her eyes are crossed over and smiling happily if saved. I play on the computer though, might be different on other consoles.

    There are two Little Sisters in the Medical Pavillion (altough you only have to fight for one), three in Neptune's and two in the Arcadia, seven in total, so you might already have taken them all.

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    There's just one "real" sister (guarded by a BD) at the Medical Pavillion, so it shouldn't be hard to find her. She usually appears at the entrance. (But not until you have encountered Tannenbaum and the first, unprotected little sister.)

    The Fisheries can be tricky. If I remember correctly, there are three sisters on that level, but there's a known bug which can make it spawn more than that under certain circumstances, which will make the game warn you that you haven't taken care of all the little sisters on the level when you leave. If you know you have three, you can ignore this. When I played it the second time (on hard) I also had this odd problem on this level: in the lower wharf, the BD kept walking back and forth between the two ends, banging out a LS at each end, but she immediately went back into the same vent again, every time! So I went up to the upper wharf (where I had already rescued one), and there another one appeared so I could get the third one there. Go figure...

    I don't remember if there are 2 or 3 in Arcadia, but it shouldn't be any problems there. The place is large and a bit of a maze though, so make sure you have searched all areas. (One sometimes appears in the Waterfall Grotto for instance, which btw is a good place to take out the BD, if you have hacked the bots and the camera.)

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    Yea, you had the ability to kill the big daddy in medical almost right away after you deal with your first little sister.

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    Thanks, fellow 'Shockers! I never received a message about leaving little sisters behind when exiting any of the levels so maybe in the midst of obsessively backtracking through prior levels for goodies that I couldn't carry my first time through (like, hey man, will I ever get a bigger wallet or am I permanently capped at "0500") I wound up a bit confused as to whom I had saved and how many, that kind of thing. Don't you just love helping clueless rookies

    I will invest some more time following around BDs that take different routes so that I don't follow the same guys around. I just don't want to feel like a schmuck wasting hours of my life - that I will never get back - by shadowing BD's when no LS's are forthcoming. My gf and father already think I'm a bit nutty for sitting in front of a monitor playing "video games" but...

    Oh well, thanks again. I'll check back later, I'm getting hollered at right now!

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    If you're still having trouble finding LS then I can help. BIG LS head if you've rescued her, BD on right and LS on left if you didn't. This applies to all games. If there is 1 little sister in a level than any big daddy that bangs on a "hidy hole" (I think thats what they're called in the sisters home) should get one nomatter what. So if a big daddy bangs on a hidy hole and you don't see a sister, then you can laugh at the BDs disappointment and move to the next level.

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    look at the pause menu, the signs represent how many sisters are on the level. One sign represents you dealt with them already, the other means that there are still some there.

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