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Thread: William Carter from the Bureau is in Enemy Within

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    William Carter from the Bureau is in Enemy Within

    Hi folks,
    So I don't know if this has been discussed before if it has mods please delete this thread
    And I finally got my hands on EW so I'm late the party but anyways

    William Carter from the Bureau: XCOM Declassified is now one of the hero characters

    So besides
    William Carter
    Sid Meier
    Ken Levine
    Otto Zander
    and Joe Kelly
    are there any more hero characters that I haven't found?

    Also how do you guys feel about Carter being in EW I know some people weren't very fond of the Bureau

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    You got one missing: Chris Kluwe

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    I do like how EW made the most minimal tie-in to the Bureau in a literal one-liner in one of the research files.

    My attitude towards the Bureau is more of a 'kind of interesting" spin-off but it was a game that I didn't take too seriously.

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