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Thread: Does 2k even care about Pacific Skies?

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    Does 2k even care about Pacific Skies?

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Pacific Skies and this comes from a place of love. But seriously, what the hell?

    First, this game STILL doesn't even have it's own message board. Fans just sort of piggy back onto the Ace Patrol forums because most of them played the first Ace Patrol. Step one: actually create a message board for fans of your game.

    Second, Ace Patrol forums were actively visited by not only the designers, but also Sid Freakin' Meyers. I have not seen a single game developer contribute to the discussion on Pacific Skies. They used to have all kinds of weekly tournaments and "have the best British Campaign" type challenges with Ace Patrol. Nothing on Pacific Skies.

    Lastly, patches. I think Ace Patrol got at least 3 different patches that I can remember. While most of them were mainly stability fixes and whatnot, at least one of them added all kinds of new content (missions, and nation abilities to name a couple). Pacific Skies? Zilch! I mean, I don't need a lot of content, but PLEASE FIX THE CLIMBING RIGHT TURN BUG (as previously mentioned in one of my other posts)! It unrealistically changes the strategy and flow of the game. I now avoid diving right turns as much as possible just because I know that I lose my climbing right turn due to a glitch in the programming.


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    Actually, nobody seems care about this game. No posts, no replies, dead forum.

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    Well these ipad (and etc.) games were kind of a test for 2K. Weighing in on the $ it cost to make verses the $ it brought in.

    Considering they all but forgot the game exists, I'd say it wasn't very cost effective for them.

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    Honestly it is good value for 5$/€ played one day and that was it !

    Seriously like ace patrol beter then the realistic ace pacific strike , half the time I can't hit anything cause in ACE pacific .
    It is all about climbing climbing , next hopefully ace patrol sci fi !
    Atleast they have free hands in creating a longer campagain !

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    Hi there.
    Sorry that you have felt this way Kepabar but I can assure you that people do care about Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies!

    Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies now has its own forum. When the game launched we were in the middle of a forum merger here on the 2K side and so I used the original Ace Patrol forum thread to get the word out about any announcements. Now it has its own home though!

    Some more good news, Ace Patrol did see a patch since you first wrote your post. The thread about that update is right here.

    I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop regarding any future patches or updates.

    You can also check out @SidAcePatrol or the Ace Patrol Facebook page which has screenshots to caption, community polls, and historical content.

    Feel free to PM me with any other questions or concerns

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    I've been enjoying both Ace Patrol games for over a year but they no longer connect to the Leaderboard, Top Missions, etc. So I deleted AP Pacific Skies to re-install it but nothing appears to download from iCloud. HAve I been swindled, is the game no longer available?

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