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Thread: Putback dunk

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    Putback dunk

    Hello everyone,

    I am playing a center in my career mode, I think I have all attributes required in order to at least attempt putback dunks but it doesn't work...

    Does anyone have some indications about how to do a putback dunk please ?
    Especially about the timing, are there some circumstances required to make an attempt ?
    Do you press R2 + Square or R2 + Right stick towards the rim ?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Anyone is able to make putback dunks in this game ?

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    I was never really good at PutBack Dunks or Layup but you should be able to perform it.
    While in game click on Help
    > Select Advance Controls
    > Go to pg 7 and Press & Hold R-stick in any direction during an offensive rebound

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    its all about timing and spacing, i personally use R2 + Square, i havent tried R2 + Right stick towards the rim, but it will prob work. when the ball has been shot by a teammate you have to guage which way it will bounce out if its a miss. if your timing is off your player will half a$$ jump in the air with his hands up and the ball will just bounce away. if you timed it correctly your player will automatically do the dunk animation. if your timing is right, and you have a lane to the basket it will work, however if you get bumped by another defender trying to box you out, or you jump to early/late, it just wont happen.. just keep trying it will eventually happen, but its timing and spacing. hope this helps. ps my player is a 6'10 small forward, his offensive rebound is around 65, his vert is at 85, and his dunk is at 90, so your stats dont have to be maxed out, this is just where my stats were last at, but i had been doing these when ever i had the chance with much lower stats in each area..

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