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Thread: WWE 2K16 Feedback Project: MATCH TYPES

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    Bring back Match Creator.

    Personally, I feel that Texas Deathmatch rules should be an option for the Last Man Standing match in Match Creator. To add the Texas Deathmatch rules 2K would need to add the ability to get pinfalls and submissions to the LMS match and then have a 10 count after the fall occurs while making sure that the victim of the fall doesn't get up instantly.

    But we also need the be able to have a normal Last Man Standing match without the Texas Deathmatch rules if we wish.

    A Texas Death Match, works like a typical No-DQ/No-Countout match. When there's a pinfall or submission, there's supposed to be a 30-second rest period. After that, the wrestler having lost the fall must get to their feet before a ten-count. If they do, the match continues. The falls don't really matter. You could lose the fall five times, but if you win the sixth and your opponent doesn't answer, you win.

    The Falls Count Anywhere match between Randy Savage and Crush at WrestleMania 10 was more of a kind of Texas Death Match variation. The rules stated for their match that any time a wrestler was pinned or submitted, they then had to make it back inside the ring within 60 seconds or they would lose the match.

    Another match that deserves to be in is a Tag Team Turmoil that uses the tag teams (Preset and Created) in Create A Stable (aka Tag Team Management) for the match.

    WCW example: You could have Steiner Brothers facing Harlem Heat, The Outsiders, Samoan Swat Squad (aka The Headshinkers), The Road Warriors, The Jersey Triad, etc in Tag Team Turmoil match.

    The variation of Tag Team Turmoil that took place at WWF SummerSlam 1999, WWE Night Of Champions 2010, and WWE Night of Champions 2013 where Two teams start, then when one is eliminated a new team comes to the ring until all teams have competed, the remaining team is the winner. This is the version of the Tag Team Turmoil match that I would love to see in WWE videogames. The higher the limit of the teams that we gamers could put into this, the longer we could have the match go and the harder it is to win the match as a tag team if your team gets an early entry.

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    2vs2vs2 tag
    3vs3vs3 tag

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    1. Re-add old match types. Being able to be the ref for a match was a lot of fun and should definitely be brought back as well as the ability to be the manager ONLINE.
    2. We should be able to edit the rules. That was the most fun last gen, when we could turn a 4 way into an elimination. Re-add this, please.

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    Bring back Match editor. We need to be able to fully customize and create our own match types.
    3 vs 3 Elimination Chamber match for example.
    2 vs 2 vs 2 TLC tag team matches

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    C/P from thread from months ago.

    This is something I wanted in ever since Cena's US Open Challenge. Say for instance, when your in Exhibition, after you choose the wrestler you want to play as, you can select the option, which can be like say a '?', to randomize your opponent, making it completely unknown on who your facing, which can range from someone like Brock Lesnar to Heath Slater.

    This would be pretty useful when it come's to Universe mode as well after all, that we can have our own open challenge's and be able create mystery opponent's. With the randomiser, I believe it will create or enhance storyline, like for example say you have Cesaro who is on a winning streak, you issue schedule him to have an open challenge to see if anyone can topple him, we cut to the ring where Cesaro is waiting when all of a sudden Dean Ambrose come's out and manage's to beat Cesaro's streak, which trigger's a cutscene that has Cesaro lash out on Dean resulting in them being in a feud.

    See how interesting that would be! Obviously, you won't be able to use it in Online or MyCareer mode but I believe it does it's job if your the one who like's the creation and story creating potential of the game.

    So what do you think?

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    Chairs match.
    Handicap Elimination matches.
    I will be updating you on everything WWE every single day on the link below.

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    The ability to make a five-man deathmatch. We can have triple threats, fatal four-way, even a six-man match. Yet, we aren't able to choose the option for a five man match. We know you guys can do it, so why not make it an option.

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    -Match Creator

    -Improved, and stable target indicator

    -Steel Cage improvement

    -TLC/Ladder standalone Triple Threat Tornado Tag

    -Interference in singles matches for Universe Mode

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