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Thread: VC and "VC coins" why?

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    VC and "VC coins" why?

    Last night my career was corrupted (ps4), so I was forced to make a new one :-(
    Now I've two different VC values, one in the main menu (with classic gold coin icon) and one in the new career (with VC letters) and aren't interchangeable.
    If I collect a new VC (from iphone app or from locker code) increase only the first and I can't improve my player.
    Anyone have same problem? do you know if there is a solutions?

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    I believe one is skill points and the other is virtual currency. The app is only for skill points. Same with locker codes

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    In my first career, the currencies were the same, I collected bonus and spent in my player without problem.
    After crash and file corruptions "magically" the currencies are different.

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