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Thread: New fan art of YOUR fan ideas!

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    New fan art of YOUR fan ideas!

    Hey Irrational community!

    I've been a long time lurker of these forums and I've seen some great fan ideas flourish in these threads. I noticed that a number of people, for whatever reason, hadn't been able to translate their ideas into imagery. I thought that I could give back to the community in a small way by taking some of these ideas and doing some mock-ups for their creators. My end goal is to one day be a concept artist so this also served the purpose of interpreting other people's written descriptions and then working that information into a readable design. I hope that you all enjoy them as much as I did while creating them!
    So lets get this train a movin'! :

    For "SenderBoy14" - "Mr. Potters Automatic Gentleman"

    You can find more at my Flickr account:

    I'll be posting more here as well so stay tuned.

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    For "Booker15366" - "Patriot's Fire/ Columbia Skyfire Vigor"
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    For "AlwaysAMute" - "Safe Unlearned"

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    For "SenderBoy14" - "Adam's Apple Vigor"

    Happy New Year everyone!

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    These are great man!
    I can't wait to see the rest you're doing, and mine you're doing eventually!

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    Some great work, I think my favorite so far would be the Adam's Apple Vigor bottle , nice concept and execution!

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    Thanks you two! Much appreciated!

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    Yep, the Adam's Apple Vigor bottle is looking very good. sm

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    That Adam's apple one is awesome ! Senderboy made me lol!

    The skyfire one: I dig the idea of combining a dress with fireworks. Very new years-evish (maybe could get some champagne in there too ). What I don't get is the Davy Crockett image?

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    Haha, it isn't a dress. Its just the grooving of the bottle so it would fit comfortably in someone's hand (and the double grooving would mean that it can be held with the left or right hand with comfort). Because it deals with fireworks, the three metal parts at the top are rockets that are blasting off and the glass part under that is supposed to look like smoke, being expelled from the rockets as they're firing into the sky. The Gold rocket in the center is the actual "top" that you would pull off to be able to drink and the glass would allow you to see the liquid shimmering inside.
    The vigor icon was actually what I finished first (and what I always do first). Since the vigor design was following the line of Fireworks>Patriotism>America I thought that displaying an American patriot would help to sell that idea. Originally it was Washington but Washington is everywhere in Columbia already. I thought that the residents of Columbia would revere someone like Crockett (the "mythological" image of Crockett anyway) and so I tried to imitate the way Robb Waters does the vigor icons.

    If anyone has any other questions about my design choices or why I do certain things then by all mean ask.

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    Lol I guess I'm still in New Years party mode, so I interpret everything like that. I like the look of Crocket, but I'm still not sure he fits with the firework theme. The coonskin cap makes him look very wildlife-ish, but fireworks are more city stuff. I wonder if there is any American known for blowing stuff up?

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    Hey, you don't need to apologize for being in party mode - you'd need to apologize if you weren't!
    Crockett was more to provide the link to Patriotism. I know he doesn't really have anything to do with fireworks, it was more a stylistic thing (man vigor icons are hard to design!)

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    Sorry for not posting in a long time, Irrational gang. To everyone whose requested something: I've been working on all of your ideas so expect them soon. Here we go again:

    For "Epifire" - "Sparrow of the Prophet Pilot (Police) 1/3"

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    Sorry for not posting in a long time, Irrational gang. To everyone whose requested something: I've been working on all of your ideas so expect them soon. Here we go again:

    For "Epifire" - "Sparrow of the Prophet Pilot (Police) 1/3"

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    Nice work. sm

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    Love the Adam's Apple Vigor! I mean all your art work is amazing but that one just blow's my mind away! Ha ha could definitely see me drinking one of those in the game! Awesome Job!

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    "Cannibal Splicer" - Peach'sPeaches (oh wait that's me!)

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    Amazing !
    Great job with the "cannibal splicer" !
    "Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt"

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    "Coney the Clown Mascot masks for Cannibal Splicer" - Peach'sPeaches

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    Everywhere lol
    Ohh man! ... These are amazing! How I envy you that you can create all this amazing images. :P Great job! I would love to print some of these!

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