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Thread: The WWE 2K15 Multi-Purpose Wishlist Thread

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    I think they should still have doubles and triples of people. It works pefect for Universe so you can have that character in two brands at the same time. You can have current Rock on your current brand and you can have a young Rock for an Attitude Era brand.

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    The MyTeam idea intrigues me because I know how fun it is in NBA 2K, can you elaborate on how it would work in a wrestling game? Would it be like MyStable and maybe draft a stable of guys and play online in tag matches or something? Or would it be like MyBrand where you draft a set amount of wrestlers and go online in different matches? Or were you thinking something completely different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    We should have WWE Ultimate Team like they do in NBA and Fifa. Also for UM we should have press conferences. We should be able to let wrestlers retire and bring new ones in. A new commentary system next year please.
    The MyTeam idea intrigues me because I know how fun it is in NBA 2K, can you elaborate on how it would work in a wrestling game? Would it be like MyStable and maybe draft a stable of guys and play online in tag matches or something? Or would it be like MyBrand where you draft a set amount of wrestlers and go online in different matches? Or were you thinking something completely different?

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    First thing, the developers should scour these forums, and previous WWE games forums, for ideas. There are a million good ideas that have already been posted, and some that would probably be easy to do.

    Secondly, I know some of you disagree with this, but I want a premium version of WWE 2K15 for the newest generation of machines, such as Xbox One. This may make it impossible to play against people on the Xbox 360, but here's the thing. I feel like they may be reaching the hardware limitations of the Xbox 360 because there didn't seem to me to be a lot of upgrades in the game for WWE 2K14 -- just different wrestlers, moves, and storylines. I want big upgrades in the next game -- 10-man matches and that kind of thing.

    So that's the first thing -- as many wrestlers on-screen as possible and as we select for the match. For example, 10-man TLC match. I'd also like to see a "low-resolution" version of the game for matches with very large numbers of wrestlers for a "Battlefield" mode. You could have the whole floor of the arena set up as a wrestling "Battlefield," with multiple rings, foreign objects, different types of cages, barbed wire rings, electrified cages, etc. Then you set loose 100 or so wrestlers in the "Battlefield" under customizable rules. You could have "first pin wins," "elimination rules," "iron man rules," "ladder," etc. I don't care if they have to make the wrestlers really small on the screen for this match, I want to see a mode like this -- and make the "Battlefield" customizable too.

    Obviously make the roster the biggest yet and as possible. Would be great to see all the regular stars of today and the past, but with a roster so deep that we get the Rock and Roll Express, Bastion Booger, Who, and more of the really old-time stars. However, thanks to community creations, this really isn't so important as the number of custom roster slots and the custom wrestler flexibility. For starters regarding that, why can't I use more of my system's memory and/or hard drive to store custom wrestlers that are usable in the game? I should be able to use all the Gigabytes for this one game if I want to. And not just that, but have all of the wrestlers available at once for selection in the game and in the "Universe" mode. I can understand not being able to load 400 wrestlers all at the same time, but wouldn't it be possible to store 400 custom wrestlers on the hard drive, of which 20 are loadable simultaneously at any one time?

    If possible, they've got to allow us to use custom music online that can be heard by the other players. Why must they assume that people are going to improperly use copyrighted music? Some people have their own small bands and can actually compose and record their wrestler's music. Or someone could have their voice reciting a poem while their wrestler walks to the ring. It's not like people can't already transfer whatever audio they want over the Xbox microphone anyway. Why hurt the fun of the game because you're afraid that some players may improperly use copyrighted content?

    Speaking of music, I want the full versions of the entire library of WWE theme music, as much as possible, for custom wrestlers. This has the side benefit that many of these songs have never before been officially released on CD.

    Custom-moves: We need a much better custom move creator. To me, this is the area with the biggest room for improvement. Consider this: people always want certain moves in the game, and some they've thought of that haven't even been used yet. Let's face it from past experience: having every move anyone could ever want in the game, already in the game, is wishful thinking. Instead, we need a MUCH better move creator. I say have two creators: BASIC and ADVANCED. The BASIC could be an expanded version of the current creator, just more animations to string together and more flexible. ADVANCED would allow you to create virtually any move you can think of. Here's how it would work: You have your wrestlers on the screen. You can indicate to flex any joint on their bodies, rotate their bodies basically any direction, as well as move them on the screen (walking, sliding, or custom). You then indicate the future positions of the wrestlers in a second frame of the move, and a third frame, and so on, until the move is done. The game automatically animates between the frames to fill in the gaps in the animation between the frames, using the logic of the simplest animation to transition from the wrestlers' positions in one particular frame to the positions in the next particular frame. There would also be options for submission moves, tag team moves with many wrestlers involved, and the ability to make custom moves/animations for ANY existing match situation (for example, springboarding outside of the ring or running along the apron).

    When you make a "top rope" move in create-a-move, you should be able to do it from any raised surface to any lower surface. For example, you should be able to do the move off the top of the Hell in a Cell, off the ring apron to the arena floor, and off any table. Similarly, the "corner" create-a-move should be able to be done off the corner of the top of the Hell in a Cell and off the top of an Elimination Chamber pod (as well as off the top of a ladder).

    When someone makes a custom highlight video for their wrestler's entrance, it needs to be viewable by other players online. I once spent an entire afternoon making a great highlight video for that purpose, only to later discover that other players only saw a WWE logo during the video when I played online.

    You should be able to have as many of your moves be custom moves as the game machine can deal with. Maybe have a "complexity" limit for moves in certain situations; for example, you wouldn't want someone to have a fifteen-second animation for their "punch" move.

    How about an iron-man ladder match? Every time someone gets the belt down, it gets set back up, and the match continues that way until the time limit is reached.

    Create a foreign object.

    How about an exploding steel cage match? Or a customizable ring with all kinds of extreme match materials that it can be "decorated" with: barbed wire, pyro, different types of climbable cage panels, bags of tacks/glass, barbed wire bats and boards, sheets of glass, different types of tables and ladders, fire extinguishers, electrified cage/wire, metal platforms.

    Ability to do any moves in the game on the referees and ring announcer characters, as well as pulling fans out of the front row and doing any of those moves on them as well.

    Falls count anywhere match that can go up into the crowd as well as up the stairs into the concession stands or even into the furnace room in the basement of the arena. A create-an-arena mode where you can place the concession stands, rooms, and customize the rooms and even the fans in the audience. You and your opponent should be able to climb on top of the concession stands, etc., and do their moves. For example, both climb on the popcorn counter, and one wrestler does an RKO on the other wrestler through the glass counter. Or does their flippy top rope custom finisher from off the cotton candy stand on a wrestler on the floor. How about getting foreign objects from the concession stands (like bags of cotton candy or powerbombing the opponent from next to the glass counter to THROUGH the glass counter).

    In the falls-count-anywhere match, you should be able to attack fans as you move through the crowd. Use one of the buttons plus the joystick to select a fan. When a fan is selected, the game switches it from a background animation to a "wrestler" character that can be interacted with using moves. When the fan is far enough away, it switches back to a background animation (for example, of a fan laying on the floor).

    If you attack too many fans, a bunch of referees and/or arena security run out, and you can wrestle them.

    If anyone likes any of these ideas, please speak up, in case the developers read these things. Maybe a very popular idea may actually be included in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galactus123 View Post
    Amazing graphics for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Upcoming EA Sports UFC has awesome graphics:

    I hope 2K makes something like that. The New Age Outlaws should be in the game and more divas. Lita and Trish Stratus are must.
    You will never get anything like that without the money that EA Sports has, nor could you get that without involving more than 2 models in the ring.

    And that's actually a good thing, if 2K capitalize on importing old created data over to new created slots. That can be all created content, or replacing in-game models with last year's models.

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    I was thinking about this while creating a character, there should be full body tattoos...

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    LMAO at "sheets of glass" as weapons and pulling fans into the action hahaha I would pay $100 for a game like that!

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    More managers at ringside! For example, if Dean Ambrose was fighting a singles match, you could put Reigns and Rollins as managers.

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    Elimination Chamber contendership matches, also ability to book #1 contendership matches.

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    Also when the holder of any title wins matches, the referee gives the holder his or her titles back.

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    There should be original music for custom stables in the game, like a theme for a group of villainous Superstars called "The Rebellion."

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    I forgot to add Trish Stratus and Lita as suggestions.

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    Hey Guys,

    Some awesome suggestions here.

    Moving forward, if there's something you would like to add to your post, and your post is the last one in the thread, please edit your previous post instead of posting again. That's actually considered "bumping".


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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberOcelot View Post
    Hey Guys,

    Some awesome suggestions here.

    Moving forward, if there's something you would like to add to your post, and your post is the last one in the thread, please edit your previous post instead of posting again. That's actually considered "bumping".

    I'll keep that in mind.

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    How about an iron man & last man standing under extreme rules matches called Ultimate Extreme Rules...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejim View Post
    How about an iron man & last man standing under extreme rules matches called Ultimate Extreme Rules...
    In other words, having complete control over your match creations.

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    1. New Championship Graphics
    2. HCTP-Styled weapon strikes with stomach blows & chair finishers
    3. A lot of rare moves for superstars & moves from HCTP:
    For example:
    4. Unbreakable chairs
    5. Two announcer tables for PPVs
    6. Backstage promos for Universe Mode
    7. Recorded voice-over promos for dream matches involving the in-game roster.
    8. NXT Superstars and underrated stars like Curt Hawkins & JTG
    9. Improved Crowd Reaction

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    Quote Originally Posted by theblasterkid View Post
    In other words, having complete control over your match creations.
    I was only suggesting a new match type...

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    This or something like it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by theblasterkid View Post
    In other words, having complete control over your match creations.
    Interestingly enough, I don't think they actually call it the match creator anymore. It went back to 'match rules'. Which makes sense because you are pretty limited in what you can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveviscious View Post
    Interestingly enough, I don't think they actually call it the match creator anymore. It went back to 'match rules'. Which makes sense because you are pretty limited in what you can do.
    And those limitations DO need to go away. I don't even understand why they exist?

    For example, I wanted to create a match in Story Designer...

    I want to make a scene start when someone's head goes critical. Should be simple enough, right?

    Well, critical head can cause blood, so I don't want to pick a First Blood match. I also don't want KO because if the person gets KO'd, that could end the match in a win before the critical head. Of course, I want to shut off pin / submission so the player can't make that frustrating mistake. -- But, the game FORCES ME to pick a win condition for the match.

    Also, just so you guys know, my favorite match in No Mercy was spending an afternoon playing a 30 man Royal Rumble with Pins/Submission only.

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    It would be great to have Falls Count Anywhere matches like in Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth were you could go to backstage. And there would be many areas to go and even outside.

    Also Rob Van Dam should be in the game.

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    I was playing WrestleMania 2000 earlier and there a couple of things I miss from the game. The first thing I miss: Irish whip rebound grapple animations. If you went for a powerslam, the guy you're controlling would get his arms in position and once the other guy was close enough, the move would follow through. I kinda hope we can get this back. It looks so awkward when you go for a neckbreaker and your guys reaches out and then it suddenly goes into the animation.

    Second thing I miss: The sitting positions. You could position your opponent so they were on all fours or sitting down. I think SvR '06 was the last game to feature these positions. I really don't see why they were removed in the first place.

    Third thing: Being able to hold someone from behind inside or outside the ring (like teammates do on the apron, but not limited to the apron). This would allow you hit whatever move you want, whether it be a clothesline, big boot, diving attack, etc. I can see this having some pretty good uses with weapons such as chairs.

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    I want to be able to edit all of the superstars attire not just the colors, N64 wrestling games can do this, why cant we now?
    I want to be able to download custom threads to put in my customized superstars to update current attires or give legends a cooler look (ultimate warriors coats for example)
    I want to be able to copy my universe teams to my exhibition teams because it's a pain to set up everything again.
    I want to be able to set up a theme for a show, for example if i make ECW i want it to be able to be extreme rules all the time without me having to go and change all the matches.
    I want to be able to select which CAWS or Superstars can be set up permanently as managers if i wish it.
    I want to be able to edit a match with out it messing up the feud.
    I want more members per stable (for example i cant fit the whole nWo)
    I want more title belts per show or the ability to switch out the diva's title for another belt.
    I want more actual wrestler call names for CAW entrances.
    I want more tag team names, wwe 13 you had hart foundation Bret Hart and the Bulldog and no hart foundation call name ☺☺☺?
    I want the ability to shut off what ever the announcer calls a CAW during the match, kinda of a put off when you make a CAW of raven and the announcer calls him "Outlaw"
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywoodrocks View Post
    I wan more title belts per show or the ability to switch out the diva's title for another belt.
    That's why I think that all championship slots should be gender neutral... I hate having empty slots because of a gender limitation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejim View Post
    Legends I want to see in WWE2K15
    Bob Backlund
    Bruno Sammartino
    Chris Benoit (wishful thinking, but it does seem the WWE is loosening their restrictions on him a bit)
    Dean Malenko
    Dusty Rhodes
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Hulk Hogan
    Jake Roberts
    Jerry Lawler
    Kevin Nash
    Lance Storm
    Lex Luger
    Mick Foley (as also Mankind & Dude Love)
    Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
    Owen Hart
    Nikita Koloff
    Ricky Steamboat
    Roddy Piper
    Scott Hall
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Ultimate Warrior

    Legend Tag-Teams:
    British Bulldogs: Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
    Demolition: Ax, Smash & Crush
    Four Horseman: Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham & Ric Flair
    Harlem Heat: Booker T & Stevie Ray
    Hart Foundation: Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
    Killer Bees: Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell
    New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg
    Powers of Pain: Warlord & Barbarian
    Road Warriors: Hawk & Animal
    Would like to see this too!

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    Here are a few ideas I would like to see in WWE 2K15:

    1. Bring back/add Casket Match, Buried Alive Match, Triple Threat Tag Matches, 5 on 5 Traditional Tag Team Matches.

    2. Add the NXT roster as either in game or as DLC.

    3. A Road To The Show Feature where you work your way up from a few generic indy places through NXT and WWE, ultimately trying to reach the Hall of Fame.

    4. A feature to the Last Man Standing Match where you can drag yourself towards and use the ropes for leverage to pull yourself up.

    5. Ability to throw someone off the stage, like the old games

    6. More DLC to help keep the game fresh throughout the year (instead of the 3 DLC approach, have around 5 varying from attires and arenas to characters to new stories for a story mode, etc.) and pace them out between the game release and May.

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    Original post by JDrew8 (OS)


    1. Since it has already been confirmed that the next gen version is already being developed, I am hoping that this game runs on 2ks new engine used in next gen nba 2k14 called ecomotion. It is actually perfect for wrestling games as the engine emphasizes on tangibility, emotions, getting rid of all the snapping or sliding stupidity, contextual movement(no more canned animations), smoothness, and even the all around atmosphere.

    2. Move Attribute Recquirements = Every single move should recquire certain attributes. For instance, the 619 should recquire 90 speed and 90 flexability so that way, slow and fat people shouldn't be able to do it.

    3. New Stamina System= WWE 2k15 should have a new stamina system that is similar to most sports game stamina system. If you look at NBA 2k14 and Fight Night Champion, they have the system where the peak of your stamina gradually decreases the more you abuse it while whenever you do a move your stamina spikes down momentarily but fills back up to its peak. Another significant thing is that certain moves on those games recquire different amounts of stamina. That is another thing I want to see in this game. For example, finishers should cost significantly more stamina than any grapple while strong grapples should cost more than weak grapples.

    4. Harder and More Damaging Grapples= Doing grapples should drain out the stamina faster and be more damaging to the point that players need to be conservative to do grapples

    5. Super-Heavyweight Mechanics= Going against superheavyweights should have to be like going against giants. Carrying super-heavyweights during carrying maneuvers should recquire a 90+ strength rating. Knocking them down with running strikes should recquire doing it 3 straight times uninterrupted. Doing a normal bodyslam-like maneuver to them should need a long build up but give out a lot of damage as a reward. While playing as a super-heavyweight, their strikes and grapples should be more damaging but easier to reverse as well.

    6. New Running Mechanics= There should now be 2 variations of running. One way should be by not bouncing of the ropes which results slower running, short lunges, and running grapples/strikes that aren't strong enough to knock the opponent down. The 2nd option should be from bouncing off the ropes which results faster running, longer strides, and running grapples strikes that actually knock the opponent down. So this way, cheesing with the running grapples/strikes are more limited while it still simulates a real wwe match.

    7. Revamped Striking/Better Hit detection= This one is quite obvious. I believe striking should basically just look more fluid without clipping while countering strikes should automatically result a strike counter. Another addition should be able to have signature strikes to opponents when they are on their knees and knocked down. I would also suggest that striking should be controlled using the right stick now with the controls.....
    Up-head strike
    Left-back strike from the front/chest strike from the back/arm strike
    Right-Abdomen strike
    Down-Leg Strike
    Hold+any direction=Heavy Strike
    These controls should also be applied to strikes on the ground and when the opponent is on their knees.

    8. More Signature Movements= It would a great feat if we could choose our own fighting stances, the way we walk, the way we run, and the way we climb up the turnbuckle. There doesn't need to be much options for these. I would just largely appreciate it if they did.

    9. Fatigued and Damaged Movements= Whenever the player gets drained out too often or is too hurt, they should start falling down after a move due to how winded or in pain they are. Also, the lower the peak of someone's stamina, the less stable their fighting stance and the harder it is to counter. To add to this, carrying other wrestlers should start getting slower the more tired or damaged the wrestler.

    10. Environmental Awareness= Whenever a wrestler gets near the ropes, turnbuckle, barrier, or etc. while getting striked down by his opponent, he should somehow gradually get down to his knees or a sitting position while leaning on those areas. Another example is being groggy near an object. For instance, whenever the player gets groggy from a strike while near the ringpost outside, the player's wrestler should go into a position where he looks like he is trying to keep his balance using the post.

    11. Standing Back Up Mechanics= From my observation, basically every wrestler uses their environment as an advantage to pull themselves back up whether it is ropes or the barricade. I would suggest that wrestlers should be able to use the ropes, apron, turnbuckle, firm foreign objects, and barricade as stepping stones(hold the left stick towards the spot). Using the environment for this reason should obviously make you stand up at a quicker rate. Another thing that bugs me is how quickly you get up after laying knocked out in the ground for a while. They should have 4 stages to go through to stand up which are (in order) knocked out, knocked down, on your knees, and groggy. Obviously, you can't get knocked out all the time and the closer you are to standing up, the less you have to button mash. It should also be worth mentioning that resting animations at a certain spot should VARY nearly everytime whether it is leaning back on the ropes when you are in "groggy" stage or sitting on your a$$ when you are the "on your knees" stage.
    example in real life: every single wrestlers uses the ropes to pull themselves up each match

    12. Crawling/Stumbling Mechanics= Another thing that is apparent in wrestling is how wrestlers sell their struggle to balance or get up fast enough. That explains hot tags and when guys crawl their way to pins. I strongly recommend that crawling(when in knocked down stage), walking on your knees(when in the on your knees stage), and stumbling(when in groggy stage) are choices of movement whenever the player doesn't choose to fully stand. These stages should be used to go near and grab the ropes(to gain more leverage) or to go towards a pin whenever they don't have enough leverage to stand up.
    example in real life: crawling is apparent in hot tags. Plus, I can recall several times where Kurt Angle crawls to his opponent to do that one arm pin like how he won that Taker vs Rikishi vs Rock vs SCSA vs Angle vs HHH Hell in a Cell match.

    13. Stamina-Damage Connection= The more damaged you are, the slower your stamina should be getting back to its peak. The shorter the peak of your stamina is, the more damage you'll take.

    14. Resting Mechanics= If the player is getting irritated by how slow his stamina is to getting back up to its peak, they should be given the choice to use the environment to rest on. Resting on areas like the ropes, turnbuckle, barriers, and etc should result your stamina going up at a higher rate. In addition, the players should also be able to rest whenever they are on their knees, knocked down, and in the middle of pulling themselves using the environment. As for the controls, it should be by jamming the left and right bumper repeatedly.

    15. More Turnbuckle Options= First of all, cllimbing up the turnbuckle NEEDS to be slowed down even for the Super-Heavyweights. IMO, It seems far too easy and quick. To get to the point, I would like to have the option to choose whether I go up to the 2nd ropes(press the left bumper once)and the top rope(press the left bumper twice) while in order to get up the turnbuckle while running, you should have to time clicking lb instead of mindlessly running around the ring until you get there. Also, you should have to click the Lb again to go into the diving position like how you already do on top of a ladder to dive. Another plus in realism I would like is climbing up while facing the turnbuckle(hold left stick and right stick towards the turnbuckle) in order to do moonsaults or Corner Body splashes(2nd Rope moves). I would also suggest revamping the top rope grappling system. If your opponent is sitting on top waiting for a superplex(or any top rope grapple), you should now have the choice to throw your opponent to the ground for a dive(press b or circle), and have the choice to go to either the 2nd(press lb once) or Top(Press lb twice quickly). Therefore, you now have 3 different grapple stages for top rope grapples(while standing, on 2nd rope, on top rope). In addition, spring drives from the turnbuckle(double tap x or square) should return but can only be accessed when near the opponent so moves like the Rey Mysterio springturn hurricarana can be used in the game.

    16. Explorable Arena= The ability to walk around an entire arena would be a big plus to nostalgia fanboys and casual fans. Im not saying it should be WWE Gta edition but almost an miniature open world game with a map that can fit in easter eggs. It would be mind-numbingly awesome if these following areas are free to go to.....
    Backstage- You should be able to walk right through the entrance to the backstage area. This area should be like an open world portion of the game with a pretty large scale that contains, enterable locker rooms for each wrester, a cafeteria, wrestlers chilling around, tech guys walking around, offices, and even writers walking around.
    Crowd- What more can I say but to have crowds going noticeably nuts, security guards trying to block the crowd out, and a skybox somewgere up the stairs.
    Arena Exit- This should sound new to people so imagine going through an exit door in the crowd area or backstage that leads to another large area where people go to for intermission. I would put in vendors, security guards, escalators or stairs for lower grounds, and the arena entrance doors(which doesn't necessarily need to be exited.... for now)
    Parking Lot= This should speak for itself. All I suggest is to be able to go on top of cars and the ability to run someone over with the car as a finisher.
    Down the Stage= Being down the stage was accessible a couple years back, they should be able to bring it back.
    On top of the Tron= It was accessible in a game from 10 years ago and it is way overdue already.

    17. Technical Wrestling= Now that 2k is in charge, they should go into the core of wrestling and input in deep technical wrestling. First of all, damage should be inflicted during holds while the wrestler giving the hold's stamina rises to its peak. Next, holds should be accessed with certain controls that maximizes the amount of holds we can do. Another thing is that some holds should recquire a particular technical rating while certain wrestlers have more than the other. Here are the controls I suggest...

    Hold RT+move right stick up- facelock
    Hold RT+move right stick left-headlock
    Hold RT+move right stick right-armlock
    Hold RT+move right stick down-waistlock
    Extra hold controls
    move left stick(up, left, right, down)+press a or x
    Hold RT+tap the right stick(up, left, right, down) twice

    Ground Technical Wrestling~ In addition to this extra holds idea, you should also be able to do the ground variation of each hold too. Ground holds should inflict slightly more damage than standing holds.To access the variation, you should have to click the right stick while holding the right bumper. I should also note that ground holds should also be done when the opponent is not standing. Doing this should recquire the same controls of doing the normal hold.

    Options during holds~ Of course technical wrestling also has certain options during holds. Some are pushes off the ropes, tightening up the hold, grappling, striking, and transitioning.

    double tap b- pin
    b(circle)-push of the ropes
    Hold RT+move the right stick(up, left, right, down)-transitions
    Hold RT+tap the right stick(up, left, right, down) twice-transitions
    Hold RT+hold left stick(up, left, right, down)+a or x-transitions
    Press the right stick "without holding RT"-tighten the grip

    Countering Holds~ If you are on the receiving end of the hold, hold RT and wait for the reversal pop up. A reversal icon should pop up whenever the opponent tries to do a transition, push you off the ropes, grapple, do a finisher, strike, or tighten his grip. They should also momentarilly pop up after a period of time so you won't have to stay there for too long. Once you see it, keep holding RT but this time, you move the right stick(up, left, right, down) or tap the right stick twice(up, left, right, down) or hold the left stick(up, left, right, down)+press a or x to do a transition counter to your signature hold. On more general counters, you should have to hold RT and wait for the reversal icon again. When it pops up, either click a or x(grapple counter), tap b twice(to go for a pin), click b or circle(to push him off the ropes), or click x(to counter with a barrage of strikes). One last way should be just plain clicking RT like always.

    18. Improved Reversal System= I know reversals are a big hole in our current game and I honestly can't think of an easier way. The best I can think of is signature counters and being able to choose how we counter. The controls should be the same as countering holds without the transitions which is by tapping RT when the reversal icon pops up and
    holding RT while.....
    -clicking b or circle(counter by pushing to the ropes) when the reversal icon pops up
    -clicking a or x(counter by grapple) when the reversal icon pops up
    -counter x or square(counter by strike) when the reversal icon pops up
    It should also be key to note that grapple counters to big men should never involve carrying. As for signature counters, they all should be quick and simple. Counters with carrying should recquire a certain strength attribute.

    19. New Finisher System= Each finisher slot should be a finisher package instead of a finisher animation. In a typical finisher package, there should be a couple animations that vary each time. We should also get the option to do specific finishers in different spots whether it is standing or on the ground. One example is the Yes Lock where sometimes, D Bry drags his opponents arm to the ground when standing and when he goes straight into the submission when his opponent is lying on the ground. In some special finisher packages there should be either a tired variation, top-rope variation, or ladder related variation. To add to this, when your finisher bar fills up, you should get the choice to do a surprise finisher or prepared finisher.
    Surprise Finisher-A wrestler giving out a sudden finisher out of no where. Surprise finishers should take 75% of the stamina bar and cause more damage than prepared finishers but are a it easier to counter.
    To access: Press LT+y or triangle
    Prepared Finisher- A wrestler is ready to give out a finisher and gets in aggressive footing. Doing a prepared finisher should take no stamina and is completely built off the momentum bar.
    To access: Do a stand up taunt. When both wrestlers are standing ,
    Tap up on the D-Pad twice.
    Finisher counters into finishers should also be available for certain moves as a choice. To do this hold RT+click y or triangle when a yellow reversal icon pops up. Countering finishers into finishers should recquire a signature skill and only particular finishers can have them so only the good ones get this choice.

    20. Submission Mechanics= Every wrestler who is holding the submission should be able to pull their opppponents back to the middle of the ring when they are near the ropes. To do this you have to use your resiliency spot. To add to this, submission counters to 2k should put in a lot of work in making unique counters into submission finishers. Some examples are when Chris Jericho counters a hurricarana from the top ropes into a Walls of Jericho. Another example is when Jericho counters a Senton into a Walls of Jericho. To do these, you should have to hold RT+click y or triangle when a yellow reversal icon pops up on the right spot. Certain Submission finisher counters should recquire signature skills and be limited to paricular wrestlers.

    21. Botches= Doing finishers, high risk-high maneuver moves, diving moves, anything involving tables, and hold transitioning should recquire timing. Whenever timed too early or late, it shouldn't always be a botch but a risk of getting one. Botches should also be more possible the more damaged and winded the wrestler is. As for the animations, I would suggest the opponent slipping off during carrying animations, tables not breaking when intended to, slipping off the top ropes, slipping off a hold transition, the opponent landing on his neck during grapples intended for the opponent to land on his back, the opponent landing on the top of his head during grapples intended for the opponent to land face-first, and tables breaking in the middle of a move. The player who botches should get as much damage that was meant for his opponent and get his stamina drained all the way down making him fall to the ground in exhaustion as consequences. On super rare occasions, the player or the opponent should get injuries which makes the match discontinued unless the ai of the other opponent or the player decides to continue. Playing through this condition should automatically put the injured area in the most critical condition. Some injuries I recommend are concussions, shattered ankles, broken knees, Torn abdomens, injured elbows, and spinal injuries.

    22. More Wrestler Exclusives= In 2k14, we got a couple wrestler exclusives like Undertaker's Wrestemania only OMG moment. We should get more of those things this time. For instance, the Punt kick should be an OMG moment for Orton that recquires 3 finishers or can be accessed after 2 RKOs get kicked out of and the next full finisher bar you get allows you to do a punt kick. Other examples are finisher counter to finishers and submission counters which I addressed earlier.

    23. Intensity Meter= This meter should pop up every once in a while. When it fills up, you should get the choice to do a comeback, staredown(hold y or triangle) or a slap/push(double tap y or triangle). Building it up should be nearly the same as getting comebacks in WWE 2k14.

    24. Better Use of the D-Pad= The D-Pad should be used for more than just taunts. It should also be used for things like trash talking and dirty moves.
    Up-wake up taunts, signature taunts
    Left-make an alliance during a match
    Right-arrogant actions(heel), pandering to the crowd(face), trash talking(wrestler exclusives)
    Down-Dirty Moves(heel)
    Note 1: Excessively doing signature taunts should result doing pander or arrogant animations which shouldn't boost the momentum as much
    Note 2: Heels should have the choice to counter with dirty moves by clicking down on the D-Pad once the reversal icon pops up.
    Note 3: signature taunts should be random whenever clicking up and you should have to hold it to do a wake up taunt

    25. Alliance During Matches= By holding left on the D-Pad near another wrestler, an animation should be triggered where the wrestler you control taps the other wrestler shoulder as a signal to offer alliance. The other wrestler should get the choice to say yes or no. To say yes, click the left D-Pad button, to say no, click the right D-Pad button. When the other wrestlers says no, an animation where he attacks the guy offering help should trigger which results slightly lowering the offerer's momentum and increasing his own momentum. Whenever coming to agreement, both the wrestler's momentum should increase but not to the extent of when someone disagrees. You shoud also get the choice to betray the other by clicking left in the D-Pad while near the other. As a result, the traitors momentum should decrease while the victim's should increase. For more realism, when you accidentally almost attack your ally, an animation should trigger where your ally catches you and you stop yourself.
    Key Note 1:Rivals should most likely be never allies.
    Key Note 2:You should get the choice to have more than just 1 ally at the time.

    26. Arrogant and Pandering Actions+Trash Talking= By clicking right on the D-Pad, you should be able to do these kind of animations. For the arrogant animations, I suggest wrestlers doing arrogant smiles, angrily screaming at the crowd, and staring at the crowd angrily. For pandering animations, I suggest wrestlers smiling in superhero-like fashion, playing by the crowds chants(doing the Yes taunt when the crowd does yes chants), and staring at the crowd in the way where he looks like he's gonna say "Wow, this crowd is electric" or "Come on, gimme some more noise!". Trash talking should be wrestler exclusives like when certain wrestlers scream "you son of a ☺☺☺☺☺☺" or "you piece of trash". Doing these animations should benefit largely in building up the intensity meter.

    27. Match Performance Grade= Like MyPlayer in NBA 2k, there should be a performance meter on how well you perform in a match. The meter should range from A+ to F and always start out at C like NBA 2k. To raise the grade, you have to do different grapples, hold transitions, doing finishers, kicking out of finishers, interact with the crowd, raise the intensity meter, storytell abit, focus on limb damage, and basically do stuff that makes a good performance. To Lower it, you would have to botch moves, do nothing for a period of time, be repetitive, and do other stuff that makes you boring or unimpressive. You should get the choice to make this visible or not anytime.
    Key Note 1: Repeating a move should result a smaller grade boost each time to the point where it decreases the grade. Finishers, submissions, holds, and strikes should never reach the point where it lowers your grade though
    Key Note 2: Moves that recquire high attributes should have bigger boosts in the grade
    Key Note 3: Introducing new play styles in the middle of a match should result bigger boosts. For instance,

    28. Match Quality Meter= Remember the Match quality points thing after a Defeat the Streak or Defend the Streak match in 2k14. They should input that in every match(if chosen to be turnt on by the user) but with more detail and be scaled from 1.0-10.0. Every match should start 7.0. Ways of increasing and decreasing should be the same with the Match Performance Meter. The difference should be that it is a combined effort in all the wrestlers and not just based on one wrestler. This feature should also emphasize on things like the storytelling, psychology, move diversity, excitement, drama, and innovation.

    29. Dynamic Selling System= Be honest, all us wrestling fans know deep inside that selling has become a lost art especially in video games. Think about it, how often do you see Big Show sell a stunner like The Rock or The Great Khali doing a backflip from Jbl's Clothesline? 2k should mocap the majority of the WWE roster to sell to certain/typical maneuvers. Here are a couple sells that I would recommend.......
    -sells to strikes to the head, body, legs, and back which differ on normal and heavy strikes
    -sells to strikes while on the turnbuckle to the head, body, legs, and back which differ on normal and running grapples and grapples
    -sells to landing on their backs, landing face-first, and landing chest-first which all differ when it is a weak grapple, strong grapple, top rope grapple, landing on steel, and finishers.
    -sells to clotheslines which differ whenever it is a normal running grapple and a finisher.
    -sells to diving moves/finishers which differ if it is to the body, head, and when the opponent is facing down.
    -sells to ground grapples/finishers which differ if it is to the body, head, and legs
    -sells to big boots which should fall into the same category with the running knee and STOs.
    -sells to getting knocked out whether it is a chair shot to the head or a knockout finisher like the WMD and Sweet Chin Music.
    -sells to particular iconic finishers like the Stunner(especially the Stunner), GTS, Codebreaker, and etc...
    In addition, there should be a selling attribute and classic sells like The Rock's sell to the Stunner should recquire a certain attribute to input. Also, classic or good sells should benefit more than average sells to the match quality meter.

    30. More Life in the Referee= Here are a couple realistic referee actions...
    -Count to 5 into dq when wrestlers are excessively hitting wrestlers who are lying on the ropes or turnbuckle.
    -Sell getting knocked out for a while whenever they get hit. They should sometimes crawl their ways to count a pin during desperate times.
    -New refs should come out whenever the current ref is too knocked out.

    31. More Realistic Rope Breaks and Pins=
    Rope breaks~
    -We should see clear animations of wrestlers grabbing the ropes when they crawl to get out of submissions.
    -There should be clear animations of wrestlers grabbing or putting their legs on the bottom rope during pins for ropebreaks. To do this, you should have to time the kickout as always. The bar you have to stop on to time right should be larger whenever the pin conviniently doesn't have the persons leg hooked and is close enough to the ropes.
    -Kickouts to finishers should have their own near fall animations on a 2 count no matter how early the player or ai times it.

    32. More Mannerisms= In WWE 2k14, their were subtle movements including wrestlers shaking their heads from dizziness or fixing their wrist tape. I expect this to happen more consistently in the next game. A few more I can think of are wrestlers slapping the ground in anger as they get up and wrestlers being in a state of shock after a near-fall.

    33. Limited Movesets= I believe certain wrestlers should not have as much maneuvers as portrayed in the video game. Guys like Daniel Bryan or HBK should have a wide arrange of moves while others such as John Cena will have a noticeably smaller arsenal. Not only should it be for moves but for things like taunts, mannerisms, etc...

    34. Charisma= This is arguably the most important aspect in WWE success. Charisma is not supposed to be defined by one attribute, it is summed up by a connection between the crowd. The closest way a video game can interpret charisma into a videogame is for it to be determined by the amount or greatness of crowd interactive movements a wrestler can have. These movements can range from charisma implied in mannerisms, walking animations, sells, taunts, and even moves themselves. About every single animation should have its charisma points and the higher the amount of charisma points a wrestler has, the more charismatic that person is. To put into picture, a man like The Rock has attitude written all over him from the way he walks, the way he does moves, his subtle movements, his selling, and his facial expressions (which I'll get into later in my Presentation wishlist). Of course, there should still be a charisma attribute and each animation still requires a particular rating. That is my illustration of charisma put into a video game.

    35. Taunt Hotspots= Taunt hotspots are taunt like movements that have requirements. One example is a turnbuckle taunt. I can recall HBK just laying on his back on the top turnbuckle as a cocky taunt which was pretty cool IMO. I would also count in some rare oversells. To do an oversell, just click the taunt button in the midst of a move. I would like to add in Ric Flair's ridiculous flip over the top rope whenever an opponent irish whips him all the way from the other corner. Keep in mind, some of these should be exclusive to PPV matches and limited to a certain amount each match. Lastly, I would like to point out that these should usually require a high charisma rating and boost the wrestlers momentum as well as match rating/grade during the match at a high rate.

    36. Virtual Currency= Need I explain more? Virtual currency should be mainly used for modes(which I will get into in my gamemodes wishlist).

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    I just want it to work lol

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    I'd like to see a medical history i.e. what injuries sustained how long recovery took seriousness of injuries and until universe is reset the injuries play a part in matches i.e. character is a little more fragile in those areas also I want to see career on the line matches that cause characters to be kicked off the roster

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    I agree with you and like these ideas. But one thing l would like to add is to have it where a wrestler or caw size does matter. Rey Mysterio should not be able to hip toss or body slam the Big Show. This taking it back a few years, "No Mercy" had this feature.

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    I want an option where I can go back in my booking history for Universe Mode (If the mode is kept in...)

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    Some quick ideas:

    Ability to book a Monday Night Wars style universe mode. This would bring back some stuff that GM modes did right like a Competitive Ratings War. You should earn cash to put on better shows, tempt the competition's wrestlers into jumping ship and build wrestler popularity. This would make injuries a big deal and storylines more meaningful to draw ratings. This emphasis on 2 player competition would be a big addition to Online play.

    Hulk Hogan needs to have a T-shirt ripping intro without it being Hollywood Hogan or a flag waving hogan.

    Some of the other missing matches like Casket Match or Stretcher Match

    An option to have an over the top stipulation in a match in addition to pins and submission. This will allow us to recreate the In Your House Final Four PPV match.

    More Royal Rumble special eliminations. I've always been looking for a Stunner over the top rope or a Hogan style toss out.

    8 wrestlers in the ring at the same time. This opens up:

    - 8 man battle royals and royal rumbles
    - 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 elimination matches and "raw bowl" style matches (where you can tag in any other teammate)
    - WCW Wargames 4 vs 4 and survivor series 4 vs 4 elimination tags

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    Hulk Hogan should be in and with this attire:

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    Hey, something I just thought about. Has anyone ever said whether or not the WWE game developers actually read the ideas we post? Or do they just kind of do their own thing, like a regular office job, and think of ideas on their own? Have the moderators/community managers ever addressed this? There are such good ideas here -- and so many improvements that would be good to make -- I really hope that our ideas are not simply posted here to make us more enthusiastic about the game, but ultimately pointless and hopeless if they are not actually considered by the developers.

    Aren't the developers actually in Japan? Do they know about this forum? Do they have the money to pay someone to monitor it for ideas? Are they going to be that concerned about thoughts from non-developers like us, who are not actually paid to make the game?

    One more idea: can the Xbox One do voice simulating? I'm thinking like you could assign a voice type from a list to a new custom wrestler, then edit the voice various ways (higher or lower, rougher or smoother), then they could actually have the occasional wrestler do a promo in their own voice before a match. Or yell with pain after a move during a match in their own voice. Would also be cool if a player could record their voice on CD and the Xbox could model their voice to use for the game.

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    More multiple Championship entrances. There should be a lot more options if you have 2 or more titles. Randy Orton should have one(obviously), Jericho(in 2K14 it was only with manager) and others too. It doesn't feel right if someone like Undertaker just walks in with generic entrance without entrance attire and lights on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WWEfan57 View Post
    I think they should still have doubles and triples of people. It works pefect for Universe so you can have that character in two brands at the same time. You can have current Rock on your current brand and you can have a young Rock for an Attitude Era brand.
    Good point, I forgot about that. I did the same thing in my universe. I have retro taker on my raw is war show and current taker on my Modern WWE show.

    At least sort them better, have a tab or something for the retro and legends so its easily to get to in exhibition/universe mode etc.

    Another thing is keep Hollywood Rock in as a alternate. Fix his video. You have his full intro for his song but his video is so short that he does not come out at the right time. You also have him using the generic retro rock entrance. This is easily changeable if you customize the beginning as the DX HHH entrance but still the video does not show 30 plus seconds of the city like it should. He still comes out before the beat drops no matter how you customize it. The videos should be longer. Keep in all the various videos and music and add more like:

    Booker T: WCW Theme/WWE Debut, Harlem Heat Video, (without the can u get it part), The Can U Dig It Intro Theme, King Booker Theme.
    Rock: Nation of Domination Music and Video, Corporate Theme, Hollywood, WM20 Theme, 2003-2004 Is Cookin Theme, Current.
    Hogan: Real American, Mr. America Theme, Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child, 2002 NWO Theme, NWO-Voodoo Child Mashup
    Kevin Nash: Diesel, 2002 NWO Theme, NWO Wolfpack Theme & Video, Outsiders Theme & Video
    Scott Hall: Razor Theme, NWO Black & White Theme & Video, Scott Hall Wolfpack Video, Outsiders Theme & Video

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    I honestly just want in-game the wrestlers' boots, hand tape and accessories available in CAW mode.
    For outside the ring fighting to play like Backstage Brawls (cause in WWE a normal suplex is devastating on the outside).
    And for those same Royal Rumble/Backstage Brawl quick grapples to be available for choosing in Create A Moveset.

    They'd be perfect as chain grapples, don't ya' think?

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    Focus on GAMEPLAY!

    Hey, I am a fan of these games and I only want them to get better and better.

    I have some suggestions that focus on improving gameplay in a way that will still allow EVERYONE to have the type of experience they want but especially allow hardcore gamers to experience a game that would play even more like the one seen on TV and include all action and EMOTION!

    New/Improved Attributes/Ratings/Sliders
    #1 BIGGEST THING: PLEASE, please, please add a DAMAGE RECOVERY Slider so that if we WANT we can make it so that high impact moves cause Superstars to be down LONGER, much longer than they do now.

    I'm talking, 1 or 2 minutes, REAL TIME. If the slider is at MAX then high impact moves will cause Superstars to be down a long time. High impact moves like: Going through a table, falling off a ladder inside the ring to outside the ring, OMG Moves like going through the barricade or DDT on the apron, Finisher hit on the stage or outside the ring, multiple chair shots. Big time stuff like that. This would make it so Multi-Man matches could BREATHE a little better AND it would REALLY be a big deal if you get hit with or you hit someone with a high impact move. That's why Elimination Chamber matches suck because you can hit someone with a DDT on the steel grate or spear them through the glass and they get up in 10 seconds! That takes all of the importance out of that move. So, please, add that slider so people who want that type of gameplay can have it and everyone who wants everyone to get up 10 seconds or less after any move can play it like it is now.

    - AI Irish Whip Frequency Slider
    - Increases frequency of CPU to use this more often (PULL BACKS DO NOT COUNT!)

    - AI Drag Opponent Frequency Slider
    - Increases frequency of CPU dragging opponent towards ropes, turnbuckle, environmental hot spots

    - AI Running Grapple vs Attack Frequency Slider
    - Can be used to change AI so it uses running attack more often

    - Ring Awareness Ability
    - Let's downed Superstars roll towards and then up against the ropes or turnbuckle to get some space/change the dynamics of the match (this would be good for smaller wrestlers so they can change the momentum if they are getting pummeled by a bigger wrestler)

    - Large Kick Out Meter ALWAYS for moves NOT: Specials, Roll-Ups or Environmental/Weapon Attacks
    - This is very important for the hardcore gamers. They do not want to see matches end on a scoop slam or a simple clothesline or back drop. That takes so much fun OUT of the game. So have the game recognize that if a move isn't a Special, a Roll-Up/Pin, Environmental/Weapon Attack then there should be large kick out section on the meter so most matches won't end that way.

    Improve the Start of Matches
    - UNLESS there was an attack before the match started or the wrestlers involved are in a VERY, SERIOUSLY heated rivalry, then when the match starts there usually ISN'T one wrestler who gets a running start and hits a CLEAN Running Grapple or Attack move, let alone have the opponent reverse it with another move. MOST matches start with the competitors squaring each other up and slowly but surely coming in for a lock up or some quick (light) strikes ... and they usually try to drag or whip or work them into the corner or ropes to really get things going ... SO it would be nice to have an option where at the start of the match before anyone has any damage, running grapples and attacks automatically go into a LOCK UP and from there the dragging and attacks can start.

    - The effectiveness of the Running Grapple and Attack is much too high for a game based on a pre-determined show, a good way to possibly change that would be to make a running grapple OR attack, early in a match, turn straight into a collar and elbow lock up. From there they can THEN attempt a grapple or attack but at least it isn't such a fast and effective move right off the start of the match.

    Improve Reversals
    - Be able to reverse an irish-whip out of the corner or from against the ropes!

    - Ground Grapple Reversals
    - When reversed, have the opponent still attempt the move but MISS and hit the mat especially for elbow drops, leg drops and splashes ... JUST like how it is done for reversing an aerial attack if you are a downed wrestler

    - When someone reverses a Running ATTACK the opponent should duck and cause the other to run past them, NOT turn it into a Running Grapple reversal (which is what happens now, and it looks very awkward most the time)

    - I know it is a very hard thing to ask for but: The more variety of reversals for common moves like scoop slams, suplexes, fireman carries, etc. that you can have for different weight classes will just make the flow of the match and realism so much better!
    - For example, a GOOD reversal animation for a Super Heavyweight when another wrestler tries a Scoop Slam or Suplex would be for the bigger wrestler to fall on him because he is too heavy to pick up. And a good reversal for a Cruiserweight for a Scoop Slam would be turning it into a tornado DDT OR back slide it into a pin.

    - Also, ADD a Drop Toe Hold reversal for smaller wrestlers for when they are in the turnbuckle and the reverse a running attack. Just watch Daniel Bryan or Rey Mysterio (and others) and you will see this.

    - Allow standing (non-stunned) players to lean up against ropes or turnbuckle WHENEVER they want (just like how they can run the ropes or climb the turnbuckle or go outside to the apron whenever they want)

    - As the match goes on and Superstars get more damaged and worn out, after someone kicks out of a high-impact move like a Signature or Finisher or gets out of a submission hold the person pinning should have a bit of a 'shock' reaction and the person that kicked out or got out of the hold should be a bit slower to get up (have this as an ON/OFF option)

    Improve Environmental Grapples
    - PLEASE improve throwing your opponent into the steel steps and barricade. Just look at how it happens on real WWE TV! Most of the time the opponent gets thrown into the steps shoulder first and knocks the steps out of place NOT the way it is now where they hit it with their knee and fly over top (that rarely happens). AND throwing them into the barricade is a HARD maneuver that causes them to hit their back hard into the barricade and sometimes sideways and usually fall to the ground.

    - Also it would be AWESOME if you added the ability to STRONG Irish Whip people into the announcer table causing them to fly over top of it into the seats!

    - Bring back the Environmental Grapple where you could drag your opponent to the ring post outside and slam their arm into it AND bring back the Enviro Grapple where you could drag them legs first into the post from INSIDE the ring then go outside and slam their leg into the post.

    - Also please change the drag animation so they only grab ONE leg as they drag their opponent around the ring (that's how it is usually done in real WWE) and if they grab them from their head area then they usually grab one or both arms from the top and drag them back.

    Improve Tag Team Matches

    - When the legal opponent has been beated down by the other team to the point of a new damage level (Light/Moderate/Critical), once they hit a BIG reversal or move BOTH wrestlers will be down and initiate a 'crawl to corner' mini-game (similar to the mini-game in the Steel Cage to Escape Through the Door)

    - When a HOT TAG is made, if the wrestler receiving the HOT TAG has a Comeback Move that Comeback Move is available then instead of the same old "hot tag cutscene" for everybody

    - Also, can we please have control over our MANAGERS again? If we press the D-Pad up or down they will distract the ref!

    - AND, can we please be able to BE a Manager who can distract the ref just by getting on the apron, instead of having to actually grab him?

    Thanks! This is all I have for now. But 2K, if you can put even some of these things in WWE 2k15 I'd be super happy and I know many, MANY other people would too!

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    I hope Undertaker has his new look:

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