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Thread: Offline my career and online my career differences?

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    Offline my career and online my career differences?

    I just notice that my career character was offline so I can not use my Jordan shoes even i've signed and endorsed by Jordan on my career.

    So my next question, other than shoes, is there any other differences between offline gameplay and online gameplay? what about the story line and the continuation on offline my career? will there be any differences?

    Please advise. Thanks guys!

    Ps: Dear 2K, It's not fair man to not informed us about offline my career and online my career. is this the way you tricked us so we buy gold VC??? Now I played the whole season and I have to restart it to online? why don't you just fix it on next patch

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    they give out vc codes all the time. (10k 5k 3k 2k 3k) those are the ones I've gotten since i purchased the game. also if you char is offline when you play park mode you will be a ovr 25 dude who sucks. only good thing is you dont have to worry about all of the server bs

    yeah it sucks my first char was offline. Not my choice. they let me play while my 2k was updating, so obviously it was hooked up to the net.

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    I'm having this problem myself, I went to the park and got schooled because I was an offline character. I wish it could be fixed because I refuse to start another character some of us have to work and don't have time to play video games 24-7. I have stopped playing nba2k because of this. May be if they get it fixed it will spark my interest in playing the game again.

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    I totally agree with you. they really should fix this. I've spent some money buying gold VC and just realize you can actually have gold VC with online mode.

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    hey Guys... so if you dont want to play in The Park ... there are no differences between online and offline? (+ of course VC online codes not possible) ... ?
    rest of the game has the same functionality?

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    is this the first nba 2k title any of you have ever played? this has been an issue for years. the game works fine, you just have to stay connected and if it asks you that you want to go off line at any time just say no. unfortunatelly it happened to me as well, but i just started my new career online and everything turned out ok. but yes if you dont care about the park, then off line mode has all the same game play without the server issues.

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    not exactly related to my career but in general (maybe stupid question)... if you dont have playstation plus and you want to play only offline - how is it with patches and squad updates?
    for example is it possible to export roster on one console with play plus and import on another one?

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    madskilz407- Honestly yes this is my first time playing my career, I usually only played the association before. The problem is, when I started my career, there were no question if i want to go offline or online. They never asked me about it so I assumed everything went online. But I was wrong.

    Nichu- Based on my experience playing offline, There were no squad update. We don't need squad update anyway as players will move to another team anyway, like Kaman got traded to spurs, etc. I am not sure about the patch but that is a good question. Anyone can answer? if there is new patch update would that be applied also to offline career?

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    yea on this years title, i think everyones mistake (including my own) is that we started my career while the game was still downloading its different features, and like you said, as opposed to previous titles, it never asked whether or not we were starting a career off line or not, it just started it. in previous titles it would have actually prompted you and gave you the option to make that decision.. kinda misleading as this happened to most everyone that started a career as soon as putting the game in but it is what it is..

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    Well I had to restart just like a lot of people because there was no warning of making an offline career and it let me play while it was updating (in the background). I noticed that in the offline mode, you get an option for free gear like sleeves and bands but you don't get this option in the online variant.

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    can a career can be continued from online mode to online or you have to start from the beginning, cause i am a seaman and on board we don't have internet in order to play online mode? can somebody quite me please?

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    i meant from online to offline

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    The reason there is offline and online is for what you just said Maticano, some people don't always have access to online so they can play offline.

    The reason you can't take your offline guy online is because of all the hacking that goes on when the careers aren't stored on 2ks servers, that's why when you take an offline guy into the park it just caps you out at 25 overall. For those of us who have played mycareer for a long time, or crew in 2k11, we know how big of a problem it was, and although it sucks for people who don't realize they make an offline career, it sucks worse when everyone is running around with 99 in every attribute online.

    (So no Maticano, you can't go from online to offline, you'll have to have an offline person to play when you're not connected to the net.)

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    Ok here is my problem...

    I have a home with internet access and when I first started playing nba 2k14 I was online and bought vc to upgrade my player. Didn't play game just bought vc and upgraded my player .....I work in the oil fields in a small town with no internet access! Went I pluuged my Xbox and started playing the game I couldn't open up mycareer because I had started it online. Is there a way to open it up? I started one offline but I have no access to the vc I bought nor do I have access to the champs store, is there a way around this?

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