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Thread: My Player wont connect to servers.

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    Exclamation My Player wont connect to servers.

    So I have looked all over the internet and can't find anything about this problem. I get on NBA2K15 and I connect to xbox live fine and I can go online and play another person fine, but when I go to play my player it keeps saying unable to connect to 2k sports servers, also my player blacktop doesn't work either, like I'm connected to the servers but I'm not. It says I can continue offline, but I want my coins I earned playing online against people. Then it gives me a choice between continuing offline or return to title screen. Anyone got any advice?

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    The best advice is to wait until the servers come back online. Thats the only way you can keep your MyCareer as an online one.

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    It is happening to me as well. It's been like this for over a month now.

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    Wats wrong with 2k server

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    The servers have been shut down for good for NBA 2k15. That's why you can't access them.

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