the grinder could be made good if it were more like a vendor instead of a " Time Grinder", for instance if we put in 3 orange weapons or mods, a sidebar list would appear to give the player client an item CHOICE instead of the Time Grinding frustrating method that is currently used. I asked support to please pass along the suggestion to the program people but they told me to come here instead to try to garner more support from the forum. the grinder is a Game Killer for me because I don't have endless hours and days to plod through 50 or 100 boring dashboard out and resign back in again routines, only to get back to the same place where I started from. The rest of the game is tolerable enough to play but when we level up several times, we need stronger weapons that are in the game but not reasonably or readily available. basically I Hate The Grinder. I know I am not alone in this line of thought.