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Thread: Suggestions for the Bioshock Collection

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    Suggestions for the Bioshock Collection

    Hi, there,

    a few days ago, I wrote a letter to the customer support of 2K, because I wanted to make some suggestions for the Bishock Collection. They were very nice and told me about this forum here, where chances of the developeres reading my suggestions would be the highest.

    While I think the Bioshock games are awesome, and giving us the collection is a gift on its own, I think it would be a great chance to even improve the games by making some changes.

    I´m not a developer, and I don´t know if those changes could be considered minor or major, but at least they are possible.
    I also think this would be awesome for old fans for whom graphical improvements aren´t enough and it would give them a reason to dive deep into Rapture and fly high to Columbia once more.

    First would be about the first Bioshock, specifically compared to Bioshock 2. While Bioshock 2 wasn´t beloved among fans like the first one, there´s no denial that it had some improvements gameplaywise. Improvements, that would look great in the first Bioshock, too.
    For example, it would be great to be ablo to use both weapons and plasmids at the same time instead of having to switch between both. The general control scheme from Bioshock 2 should be implemented in the first game.
    Secondly, the hacking minigame. It was a really fun game for some time, but it got tedious after a while and really slowed the games pace unnecessarily down. It would be cool if we could instead play the minigame of Bioshock 2, which was a lot faster, thus making it a more fluid experience, at least in my opinion.
    Of course, it would be best to still give us the option to play the original minigame instead, for those who enjoyed it all the way through.
    The sprinting option of Infinite would be nice in the first two games, but since the rather slow running speed complements the games´atmosphere, it isn´t a necessity.

    The last, and in my opinion, most important change is about Bioshock Infinite and I think it´s one that quite a lot of fans would love to see: The return of the weapon wheel in the main campaign. Only being able to carry just two weapons always bothered me, and, considering the weapon wheel made its return in the first Burial at Sea episode, I think I´m not the only one. In my opionion, Bioshocks combat is about giving the players a lot of options to fight against the enimies, and the limitations of two weapons takes away some of this freedom. Also, being able to hold all your weapons would give the option to upgrade your weapons more value, since you needn´t worry about giving up an upgraded weapons because the lack of ammo or because the weapon itself is useless in a certain situation. Whenever I read comments about Infinite players complaining about the two-weapon-system, others say that they should just hold on to two wepons, which is a shame, since most weapons are useless for me as a player, in opposite to the first two Bioshock games, where I would use all the weapons. I understand that it can be a tactical element in other games, but in thos one, it doesn´t really fit in. At least, that´s, what I think.
    But, right as with the hacking minigame, the weapon wheel should be optional for those who prefer the two-weapon-system.

    So, this were all the changes and improvements I can think about. I really think it would give those already great games an extra value and oldtime-fans like me would have another reason to buy this game.
    I hope, that both fans and the developers see this and maybe you guys from 2k games and Blind Squirrel Studios read this and maybe you give it a thought?

    And to all of you fans, what do you think about my suggestions? You also think this yould be great and you would like to see this in the Collection? Can you think of other changes, that would improve the Bioshock series?
    Please give this a comment, and maybe, if enough people would like to see it, maybe it happens.

    Thank you for everyone taking the time to read through all of this and sorry, if my English is lacking. I´m from Germany and my English isn´t the best.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Posting this again, from another thread.

    Getting a free HD facelift for the PC versions of Bioshock 1 and 2 (plus the Challenge rooms for Bio 1) sounds cool, but I've recently replayed Bioshock 1 after many years and I'm really worried about a few things regarding these Remastered versions.

    1. The huge issues with sound effects cutting out on PCs with Realtek (and possibly other onboard) audio in Bio 1 and 2 when there's loads of them playing at the same time (alarms, gunfire, splicer shouts, explosions, bots etc.). There are some workarounds regarding the OpenAL audio files/drivers, but it doesn't fix it completely.

    2. Bioshock 1 and 2 crash in DX10 mode on 64-bit Windows 7 machines, as well as on Win 8 and 10. Many people have to run it in DX9 mode. Graphical differences are barely noticeable, but still.

    3. Bioshock 1 on Windows 7 suffers from a nasty case of regular random stutters that I don't remember from my multiple playthroughs years ago on a Windows XP machine. I think it might be also audio-related.

    4. The PC version of Bioshock 2 (but not the Protector Trials or Minerva's Den DLCs) lacks sound effects/music when using the vending machines.

    5. In Bioshock 2, the secret underground labs section of Fontaine Futuristics crashes regularly for me and some others I know, even if run in DX9 mode. There's also a couple of other issues with that particular level.

    During a Little Sister gathering session at the corpse in Alex the Great's room (with the giant tank), there's a spawnpoint for enemies in a large hole in the wall above ground where splicers and Alpha series get stuck in - they never manage to leave their spawn during the entire fight, meaning the whole scripted encounter is more than a bit broken.

    And during Alex's speech in the Plasmid theater, the English subtitles are completely different from what he's actually saying (the whole ''When we stuck you into that suit you were so spliced...'' bit about Delta).

    What do you guys think would be the best way to get in touch with these Blind Squirrel developers doing the Remasters to make sure they are aware of these issues? So they perhaps finally get fixed after all these years. Especially the sound cutting issues in the first two games and the lack of vending machine sounds in the PC version of Bioshock 2 is something that should've been fixed properly years ago by 2K. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for these improvements, though, as the sound issues, crashes in DX10 and thelack of vending machine sounds are three very serious issues that 2K never fixed properly. Bioshock 2, especially, while a good game on its own, was a mess of serious technical troubles that felt really rushed when released and was never patched properly in many areas.

    Perhaps even allowing us a higher Field of View? Coming back to Bio 1 and 2 after playing more modern FPS games with higher FOV I always get a migraine having to adapt my brain to the very low FOV.

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    Please add complete oculus rift support.

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    I would like as I've mentioned to them is a Director's Cut of BioShock 2 as a DLC. Because it's about time we see an alternate version of the game. I will admit that BioShock 2 is too short, and I would wish it would have been longer. Because it's time that we would love and a suggestion after The BioShock collection comes out to XBOX One and PS4, I would like to see again the Director's Cut of BioShock 2. And hopefully the other two (BioShock and BioShock Infinite) also with never before seen lost levels that didn't make the final cut of the game due to time constraints including the lost level in Fort Frolic where you had to deal with an Elephant.

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    My suggestions for Bioshock The collection.

    1.Increased FOV,including an option or slider to 115-120 degrees.
    2.Option headbob off.
    3.Option decoupled camera (freelock) look/aim separately.
    4.Support virtual reality CV1 and other possible head mounted display, compatibility with steamvr or Oculus SDK.

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    I've went nuts on this, in particular about Bioshock 2. Personally I feel like it needs much more love. A Director's Cut version would be magnificent! Though I'm puzzled why there is no fourth difficulty setting called Big Daddy mode.

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