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Thread: Championship Rings in future NBA 2k series.

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    I had a bright idea, how about NBA 2k17 development team put together in NBA 2k games, championship Ring's we win in our mycareer. We should be able to have rings to show off online in mypark. Imagine you win 7 or 8 championships,we should be able to wear all 7 or 8 on are fingers. In NBA 2k16 we have the choice to wear rings, ear rings why not are rings we really worked hard for. You let us store are Larry O'Brien trophy,its time for a ring! Let's do it 2k.

    Championship rings needs to be put in my career. You let us have a Larry O'Brien trophy how about NBA championship Ring's we win. I want to show off my rings online to show who is boss. You give us a choice to wear rings and earrings, now its time for Championship rings.

    Championship rings. Needs to be developed in game. We need to be able to wear my rings in mycareer. You let us have a Larry O'Brien trophy why not rings we win. Please 2k. Also we should be able to play other online player's for championship's.

    They give us a choice to wear rings, earrings, why not are championship rings we work hard to play to get. 2k development team programed a Larry O'Brien trophy to store on are shelves now we need to have a championship ring stored on are finger's. And also let online player's play in seasons againt each other and play for a Larry O'Brien.

    Championship rings we have won need to be developed in NBA 2k games.

    We want rings, 2k development team needs to program championship rings we have won in mycareer. We should be able to wear are rings in mypark to show off to other online player's.
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    It would be awesome to be able to see and wear your rings. Having won a championship, you should receive your ring st the ceremony. Once you have it you should be able to wear as many championship rings as you can, if you have won multiple championships. So say I won three championships with the celtics; I should be able to see my player with three rings on his hand. It would make you feel proud of what you have done.

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