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Thread: PSN Online ID/XBL Gamertag Database

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    Oct 2016
    Hi everyone looking for WWE 2K17 players for an online private match right now. My PSN ID is hulk2131.
    Or post your PSN Username on here and I'll add you. Let me know, thanks!

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    Oct 2016
    Southwestern CT
    Console: PS4
    PSN ID: JupBol16
    Looking for: Casual play, possibly with leagues.

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    Nov 2015

    Would like to have some fun online matches.

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    Xbox One
    GT: Lone Wolf Ryan
    Looking for: Competitive or Sim play, with independent wrestlers or WWE stars, female as well, CAWs included. Have really no one to play with nowadays unfortunately, hit me up any time and let me know via message if you got me from 2K forums. Thanks ;]

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    Aug 2014
    Parts Unknown
    Xbox One
    Gamertag: RavioliPlayboy
    Looking for: Anything really.
    Moves Pack best DLC 10/10

    Still haven't won the Royal Rumble with my High Flyer/Fan Favorite MyPlayer

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    Console: Playstation 4
    PSN ID/Gamertag: darklord20042002
    Looking for: Online matches (casual gameplay)
    Any other information:

    Would like to have more tag matches and the like more than just 1v1 all the time.

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    Console: Xbox One
    PSN ID/Gamertag: OH MY GODSEY
    Looking for: Friends to play WWE with?
    Any other information: Tired of playing people who spam.

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    Add me ImStillSUPERman Xbox one live.. Then send me a message on the Xbox so I know I've got you as a friend

    Add me ImStillSUPERman for Xbox one live.. Send me a message on the Xbox so I know I've got you as a friend

    Add me guys on Xbox one ImStillSUPERman send me a message on Xbox live so I know I've got you as a friend...

    Add me ImStillSUPERman
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    Console: Xbox 1
    Gamer Tag: JeffinParis
    Looking For: Cool CC, INVASION in MyCareer Modes

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    I'm Never Online But When I Am I'll Be Looking For People To Play With

    At the moment I can't afford Playstation Plus but when I eventually can afford it I'll be looking for people to play with, if you would like to send me a friend request message on the PS4 just include in the message WWE 2K17 player, thanks in advance.

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    I'm not always online as I can't keep affording PS +, however when I can I would like to play online with people.

    If you would like to send me a friend request my PSN id is Insane_Aussie44, in the message just say "WWE 2K17 Friend To Play Online With".



    Looking For:
    People to play WWE 2K17 with

    Other Information:
    I don't use a mic, I just play.
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    Nov 2015

    Team up trophy (ps4)

    Hi. I'm looking for someone to help me out with the Team Up Trophy Online. Message if interested.

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    Jan 2015
    Bourbon Street



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    "Do a cache clear: this is a common solution to many issues that WWE 2K superstars experience."

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    Looking For People To Play With Now

    Hey guys looking for some people to play with now on XBOX One. gamertag is Enfuego1984 plz send invite

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    Jul 2009

    That's for PSN and XBL though I only have 2K17 for PS4.
    I like making Video Games.

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    Looking for league/ someone to play with

    A little about me I'm 31 and play WWE 2k17 on the Xbox One. I am looking for an online league or just individuals to play with. I search for individuals online but most of the time never find anyone to play with. To be honest I am not a fan of using CAW's. My gamer tag is karatechop260 add me if you would like.

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    Looking for people to play with have some fun hopefully elimination chamber and more . Please no spamming moves or hacked characters that do crazy damage hit me up on Xbox gt xzx domino xzx

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    Jan 2017

    I'm new here

    I'm on psn


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    Oct 2016
    Mid-Atlantic Territory
    Console: PS4

    PSN ID/Gamertag: Whobuhjoob

    Looking for: Someone with the ability to work matches, CAW and otherwise.

    Any other information: Please be mature, wins and losses don't matter to me. I'd rather have a better match overall than stress my W/L record.

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    Feb 2017
    Console: PS4

    PSN ID: Defnition

    Looking for: Just looking to have good matches, tired of cheap tactics and custom characters popping up in ranked modes where they aren't supposed to be.

    Any other info: Not much really, brand new to the forums, just looking for someone who likes to play fair, have a good match and poke fun at the game''s and wrestling's expense. Gotten absolutely sick and tired of the toxic environment of the normal online systems in the game.

  21. Console: Xbox one
    PSN ID/Gamertag:TeenyMagician58
    Looking for:Anything. 6 man battle royal.
    Any other information: Just looking to have fun and see new caws if you're interested let me know

    Would you like to have a match?
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    Team Up help

    Hey guys, not a big WWE fan but I did get into this title. I'm a trophy hunter normally but I need some help. I need some people to help me get the team up trophy. I don't have any friends that play this game so i figured i would come here and throw out a line to see if anyone would help me. My username is Stargazer2600. just shoot me a message on PSN if you can help. thank you

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    Jan 2015
    Console: XBox One
    PSN ID/Gamertag: Kumidaiko
    Looking for: I'm looking for a tag team partner for an online league I'm in. Please message me on here or on xbox.
    Any other information: N/A

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    Console: Xbox One
    Gamertag: SMOKELAHOMA420

    looking for whatever, add me

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    May 2017


    I need a league
    Console: Xbox one

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    Jun 2014
    United States of America
    PlayStation 4
    GAMERTAG: GREGwoodall
    Looking for:New wwe2k friends, maybe some team ups, and a league would be cool

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    Why do people complain so much about online play???

    I'm not saying there isn't much room for improvement, however those of us who have actually mastered the game don't seem to be as frustrated as others who feel they only lose online because people are "spamming" running moves. Well running moves, taunts and submissions are a reality of professional wrestling. Another reality is that some people are actually much better than others at this game. Instead of whining, crying or ragequitting, figure out a way to use your reversals wisely!!! Timing is a huge factor, certain characters have different tactics than can be used to counter and reverse a variety of maneuvers but crybabys haven't honed their skills and wanna use " spamming" as an excuse for simply sucking at the game. These same people are fine with online play until they lose the advantage and consequently the match. While it was no fun taking my lumps at the beginning when I was getting destroyed, i learnt from my mistakes and became a dominant player who makes no excuses when I do lose. Moves are reversable people! Figure out how to wrestle before you challenge online because you will be up against the very best players in the world, and we don't care about your inability to adapt and adjust to a particular wrestling style or opponent. That's your own problem... We all must live with the same movesets and same limitations this game offers so stick to offline play on easy difficulty level if you cannot hang with the pros. Ragequitters are a disgrace and should be banned for life. Davey_Dynasty is the name on the marquee, and I'm a wrestling GOD on PS4. All challengers are welcome to request me but pros only please, no crybabys... The game is what it is people. Thank you...

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    Aug 2017
    My PSN ID is dlc478

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