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Thread: College History Project

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    College History Project

    Hello all,

    I am taking a History class, and would like to make a presentation using in-game material. I would like to re-enact a specific war, or series of wars, and elicit interactions between the great people in the game. I own Civilization V. I could go through and edit large portions of video to make it all match up nicely, but ultimately, I have to convey a dramatized representation of actual events for those eras.

    For instance, one of the setups I would love to include would be one including:

    Their wars, Plato's interactions with Pausanias 409-395 and Agis II 427-399. Socrates's interactions with Pleistoanax 459-409 and Archidamos I 469-427.

    And feature:
    The first direct observation of a solar eclipse.
    Alcmaeon's contemplation of "nous" or the mind.

    Protagoras's hypothesis that the brain could be the raw material for the mind (don't quote me on that hypothesis)

    Interactions between Democritus, and everyone else, in some sort of town-meeting where they did their democracy :P

    As well as mimic any battles they had, in Civilization 5.

    There is a lot here, and this is just a broad oversight of what I am looking to get out of the entire ordeal. I do not have any map packs, or addons, but suggestions are welcome if I can get them to install. I have a screen recording program, so I am pretty good there. I know there are programs which let you take interactive photographs of your game world (immersive 3D, real life, still frames), but is that only with NVIDIA GPUs? I have an rx480, and am looking for something like that as well. Not all of the mentioned material HAS to be in the project, putting forward anything can take the cake on this project (cool video = A+.) Any help is gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

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    Is that Pistol Pete the basketball player, or the Wasteland 2 character?

    I´m not sure I can help you, but best of luck with your project, sounds cool.
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    Civ is not realy the interaction of individuals kind of game. It is not even a great battles kind of game. It is Grand Strategy kind of game. If you want't to model the rise and fall of rome, or difficulties in Maintaining the Mongol empire after a massive conquest. (-50 unhappiness AT LEAST)

    The game engine television shows use a lot when modeling battles is the Total War engine.

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    This is a horrible idea and unless you are majoring in cut&paste with a minor in play doh modeling for your major it would be laughed at by any credible college professor.

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