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Thread: Armenian civilization

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    Armenian civilization

    I'm a fan of the game and playing it almost from the beginning. My question is: Why are you continuously ignoring the fact of Armenians, its culture, history and civilization like the one of Tigran the great or Argishti II who built Erebuni (nowadays Yerevan)? Doesn't it deserves more than being a city-state in this game?
    My question is to the game developers, or anyone who is responsible for game contents.
    If you cannot give me the answer, please give me a contact, to which I can ask and get the answers.

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    This is a community forum. While developers have admitted to check these forums every now and then, they don't post usually. A post here is to discuss something with the community. If you do not wish that, this is the wrong place.

    You'd be better off searching the official corporate communication channels.

    Also, we have a stickied thread about civilization you want in the game. Please post there if you wish discussion.
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